Friday, January 19, 2007

On The Road Again…

Things here have been relatively slow ministry wise for the last several weeks and over the holidays. It’ always like this and after a few years, you can appreciate the slow times because you know the roller coaster is just slowly making it’s way to the top of the hill and you are about to go screaming down a hill at Mach 2 any moment.

For the last year, we have been receiving requests literally from all over the world to come and equip, train and release believers to walk in what we have been seeing these last couple of years. We have been very selective about where we are going and frankly have been turning down more requests than answering, just not feeling that the time is right, etc. Well, something has shifted because we have received a rash of invitations and are saying YES! We just feel like the Lord is creating a hunger in His people to take this Kingdom message and run with it! What’s cool is that the requests are based almost exclusively from the testimonies of what God is doing here. So, instead of say, going to Africa to preach the Gospel and come back with some testimonies, we are going to Africa BECAUSE of the testimonies! It sounds upside down, but I think that this is really the way it should be.

So, we’re taking teams of folks from the church and going to quite a few places over the next couple of months. The biggest and possibly the most intense trip we will be taking is to AFRICA! Namely, the Congo. Why are we going to the Congo? Long story, but basically it involves a guy from our church spending a year there as a missionary and making a disciple who has taken what he’s been given and run with it! We’re going to support what they are doing and train and release the indigenous folks there to take the power of the Gospel out on the streets! With me, it also involves a giant African angel that stood at the foot of my bed and told me three different places that I would be going in the near future (the Congo was on the list). Startling to be sure…

Anyway, we leave in about two months and I need to raise $3000 for the cost of the trip. I know that many folks have read these testimonies and passed them on to friends and family. So, if you have been encouraged by what you’ve read here, would you consider giving to help make this trip possible?

All donations given through my church are tax deductible and we will immediately issue you a tax receipt. You can give in either of two ways:

By Check - Made payable to:

NorthGate Church of Atlanta
ATTN: Ryan Congo Trip

BOX 2190
, GA 30188

Online - With a credit/debit card here:
*Just be sure to write in “Ryan Congo Trip” in the notes line.

I look forward to the trip report from Africa!




I just got word that my entire trip price has been covered through ONE DONATION! Thank you Jesus! If you were even thinking about giving, maybe wait until the next trip!