Friday, January 09, 2009

Passing It On

Several years ago, we were “pregnant” with a vision to see the people of God walking in the power of God. We had prophecies, promises and scripture to back up our belief, but very little experience of what we believed. Then, Bill Johnson came to our church for one night and told story after story about how people in their church were walking in the power of the Kingdom. What it did was give us “permission” to do what we knew we could do in our hearts. Almost overnight, testimonies started coming in and have consistently been rolling in for 6 years now. This has been the most exciting and glorious few years of our personal lives and corporate ministry.

One of our main callings as a church and ministry and one of the passions of my life is to “pass it on", training and equipping the people of God to walk in the power of God. It’s a blast to be used by the Holy Ghost, but WAY more fulfilling to see others pick up the torch and go for it! Well, just last month, my Dad was on Sid Roth’s Television show, “It’s Supernatural” to be interviewed. This show goes all over the world and Sid has a pretty good international audience, so it’s good exposure for our message. About a year ago his book “It’s the End of the Church As We Know It” was released and they read the book and wanted him on. He went on and told several stories of people being healed in public places.

Since the interview, our website has been getting hammered and we have been receiving a steady stream of emails from folks literally all over the world. Many of the requests are for prayer for healing and we have sent out 100+ anointed hankies (Acts 19:11-12). But some of the requests have been from folks for additional materials and instructions teaching them how to get out there and “do the stuff”! Very exciting!

One of the emails is from a gentleman named Todd. From the interview on Sid Roth, to the books and materials we sent him, Todd got “permission” to just get out there and “do” what was in his heart to do. Listed here are a few testimonies of what he has seen only in the last couple of weeks!



Sent in from Todd:


A 10 or 11 year old boy had an ATV accident on December 27, 2008 and his injuries included a fractured skull, damaged brain stem, fractured neck, and fractured back. Doctors had to pick skull fragments out of his brain and told his family that brain stem injuries are inoperable and that they expected definite brain damage if he even survived for 72 hours. We went to the hospital and prayed over him the following Monday. Long story short, less than two weeks later he is breathing on his own, alert, walking, talking, eating and going through physical therapy. They will take his neck brace off in a few days, because there is no more evidence of a neck or spinal fracture, and they plan on sending him home on February 2. The hospital staff is amazed and said they have never seen such a severe head trauma case recover so quickly.


While I was waiting to pray for that kid I came up behind a lady in her late fifties on crutches in the hospital lobby who was in obvious pain and moving at a crawl speed. Being the great man of faith I am, I said “God if you have her step into a waiting area I’ll know this is you and I’ll pray for her.” She hobbled right past the waiting area. Since that didn’t work I scraped up my boldness and asked her what was wrong and if I could pray for her. She said arthritis had been causing so much pain for the past 18 months she had to use crutches, which messed up her back too. So in the main entrance of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (it couldn’t be somewhere discreet) I put my hands on her knees, declared Jesus is King over arthritis commanded things to come back into order. She walked around and said her right knee felt great but the left one still hurt. When I prayed for the left knee something in her leg snapped and startled both of us. After praying three or four times the pain in her back and knees went away and she walked off without crutches.


I decided I would stop by a Kroger grocery store on the way home from work one day to pray for some folks, and when I asked God what he wanted to do I saw a lady in an electric scooter. So I tracked down the first person I saw in a scooter and asked her what caused her to need the scooter. Diane told me she had severe pain that shot up her leg when she walked. After a couple brief prayers the pain was gone from her knees and she could walk much better. Then I noticed another lady in scooter twenty feet away, so I asked Diane to go tell her what God just did to her. (Figured she should get right to work in the Kingdom) This lady proceeded to tell me how she was driving a semi truck ten years ago and was hit by a train, thrown hundreds of feet, resulting in constant pain since then, which prevented her from working. The first time I prayed she said her neck felt a little better. After I prayed the second time, putting my finger on her lower back, she looked at me and said “What did you do?” The pain in her neck and back was completely gone, she had full range of motion in her neck and could stand without any pain for the first time since accident TEN YEARS AGO. She said the pain went from an 8 to zero on a scale of 1-10.


The next day I went back to the same Kroger (which we have now declared property of the Kingdom of God) and took along my buddy Scott who wants to move in this kind of stuff. I told him God showed me someone with a walking cane and someone with hearing aids, so, a little nervous, we went looking for them. We prayed for a lady in an electric scooter who had arthritis, broken ankle, knee replacement, and after several rounds of praying she experienced a measure of relief in her neck and back. She said “Both of your hands are really hot.” While she was talking, Scott spotted a guy with a cane, but by the time we were done he got away from us. Next we camped out at both entrances looking for hearing aids. Scott called me and said he saw two people in a car in the parking lot using sign language so we walked up, asked if someone was deaf and found that the driver, Lenny, had been completely deaf since birth. We stuck fingers in his ears, laid hands on him, rebuked deafness, commanded the ears to open, and then asked his wife to see what was different. He signed to her that he could feel the vibrations from my voice, which he never felt before, and that his hearing, which was previously zero, was now a two or three! Very cool.


Here is a word of instruction from Todd:

"I tell people that the secret to moving in healing is this: “There is no secret.” Just do it. When Jesus said “These sign will follow those who believe” he was referring to people who believed those signs will follow them. I have seen equal or even greater success praying for people outside of the church, probably because they don’t have the preconceptions, religiosities and unbelief that plague most Christians."

Way to go Todd!