Friday, August 07, 2009

Summer of Miracles!

Wow. We’ve been having a pretty interesting and “full” summer of healings, miracles, salvations and lots of ministry trips. I can honestly say that the last two months has been the busiest that I think I have ever been. Taking the time to actually write down all that God is doing has proved to be pretty difficult. I’ll get to the backlog soon I hope and actually write about some of the things we have seen and experienced in some detail, but in the meantime here’s a quick update:


We just returned from a ministry trip to Indiana. It’s a real long story how God set the whole thing up, but basically I had LOTS of prophetic confirmations starting over 2 years ago. When the opportunity to go presented itself, I jumped on it. It was good, and I think the beginning of something in Indiana for us personally and corporately as a mission.

We connected with a church in Angola, IN ( and some good folks in Fremont, IN. The basic point of the weekend was to bring the fire burning here, up there! I would say “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”. As part of what we do, we not only preach and teach the stuff, but two of the days we were actually able to take the people from the church out on the streets with us to “do the stuff”. We saw some pretty cool miracles.


I was with a small group from the church in a low rent trailer park near the church. We were just walking around looking for opportunities to release the Kingdom “as we went”. I ran across two young ladies and the Lord started showing me some stuff for them. They were really impacted by it and came under some real conviction; mainly because they sheepishly confessed that they were a lesbian couple. They were shocked that God would reveal something GOOD about their lives and destinies. I’ve almost never had to bring down fire and brimstone with unbelievers, normally all I have to do is reveal the kindness of God and they fall apart under conviction, giving their lives to Jesus. So the Lord showed me their histories and what they had been through and as I told them how God wanted to redeem them and bring peace to their lives, with tears in both their eyes they happily turned to Jesus and asked (with their own mouths) for Jesus to come into their lives and rescue them from the mess they made!

“Or do you despise the riches of His kindness, and the forbearance and long-suffering, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?” Romans 2:4


We were just finishing with the now totally undone lesbian couple and saw a couple ladies walk by on the sidewalk, one of them with a pretty serious limp and walking with a cane. One of the ladies in our little party instantly recognized her as being the lady from Wal-Mart who greets folks as they walk in. I followed them to their doorstep where I asked them why she was walking with a cane. She went on to describe a horrible accident that she had suffered many years before, with surgeries and now arthritis had set into her knee. After asking some questions I told her, “Do you want to know why I asked you about your cane?” She was like, “Yeah, why did you ask me about that?” I went on to tell her that “I covet your cane.” She looked at me like I had three heads. I explained that at our church we had an entire wall covered with canes, casts, crutches, braces and that I had the perfect spot on the wall for hers!

She was pretty weirded out so I proceeded to tell her about the Kingdom of God and how God’s desire is for His Will to be done and the Kingdom to come to her, HERE ON EARTH. She invited us in to her home and we stood in her living room, explaining the Kingdom to her. She went on to tell us that she was diabetic, had osteoarthritis, etc. etc. etc. I told her the testimony of a lady that had just recently been totally healed of osteoarthritis and she smiled brightly. I asked her to check her knee and check her pain. She rated her pain at 8 – 10 on a 10 point scale. I was giddy before praying for her because I just KNEW what was going to happen. God was going to TOTALLY deliver her of all her stuff and we would get to see a miracle!

We prayed a simple prayer and commanded the pain to GO! When we did, the Power of God went out from us and hit her like a flash! She jerked so hard she almost went through the back wall of her trailer. I had to totally support her weight with my arms to keep her from crashing into a drawer behind her. She said, “OH MY GOD!” and started freaking out. Tears ran down her face as she was getting blasted by God. She immediately started saying, “I can’t believe this, I can’t believe this!” We told her yes she can believe it. She was trying to compose herself and I asked her where her pain went. She started to check it, bending over and moving all around, something that she couldn’t do only moments before. She was touching her toes! We had her check her arthritic knee and it popped! When she showed us her knee, it had straightened out! We had her walk in her house and she dropped the cane and walked perfectly normal!!

She told us, “Well, one leg USED TO BE shorter than the other!” God LENGTHENED HER LEG without us even praying! She walked up and down her hallways with tears streaming down her face, in total shock. Jesus healed her of arthritis in her knee, the effects of surgery in her right knee, osteoarthritis throughout her entire body, a short leg and I believe her diabetes!!

Come on Jesus!