Thursday, June 07, 2007

An Amazing Update On Edouard

Edouard, our friend and Pastor in the Congo has had some amazing things happening to him. Some of them frightening and some of them supernatural. God is with this guy. Every time I hear back from the Congo, it’s like reading a chapter from the book of Acts.

Here’s the latest:


Since we returned from the Congo, Edouard and the church have been under INTENSE persecution. We’re not talking about people slandering them behind their backs; we’re talking about life and death situations. When we were there in March, witch doctors cursed the child and his 3 ½ month old baby son died from pneumonia. His wife’s family was enraged and tried to kill us and ended up destroying Edouard’s church and his wife has yet to return to him.

After this his wife, embittered by the loss of their son in March, tried to have Edouard arrested for all kinds of bizarre reasons, making up and fabricating lies about him. So far she has accused him of being involved in witchcraft and human body smuggling on the black market. Edouard was taken into custody and spent a night and a day in jail awaiting a hearing on those charges, but it all came to nothing, he’s blameless.

We just found out that after the legal action did not work Edouard’s wife and her family hired witch doctors to curse and kill Edouard. They threw the kitchen sink at him with their witchcraft, yet nothing happened! This is actually very unusual in Africa. The witch doctors there are very powerful in demonic power and when they curse you, you get sick and die. But not if you are protected by the Holy Spirit like Edouard! When witchcraft didn’t work they poisoned his food in an attempt to kill him. For some reason, Edouard was not hungry and didn’t eat the meal that they poisoned (also very unusual in Africa), so that attack didn’t work. The witch doctors reported to Edouard’s wife that there is nothing more they can do.

This is where it gets really interesting.


Finally, when the legal and spiritual attacks on Edouard failed, Edouard’s wife resorted to hiring 5, count them, 5 assassins to not hurt, but KILL Edouard. The first of the five assassins was sent to find and locate Edouard so that the rest could come and kill him. He found Edouard ministering to some at his church. After listening Edouard preach and minister he came up afterwards and told Edouard, “I have something to tell you”. Edouard listened as the man confessed that he was an assassin sent to locate and then kill him. He then remarked, “But you are a man of God and I cannot kill a man of God”. Edouard talked with the man and got the story about the other assassins, as well as the witch doctors and poisoning attempt. This assassin, a professional killer was so impacted by Edouard’s story and his life that Edouard ended up LEADING HIM TO THE LORD!

Not only that, but with the money we have raised for Edouard this month, this (former) assassin stayed with the church and yesterday was helping them rebuild their church facility! Edouard not only was not killed by this guy, but he led him to the Lord, added him to the church and this guy is now serving in the church!!!


But the drama is not yet complete. There are still 4 assassins out there with the commission to kill Edouard. Pray for his protection and the unraveling of this plot. Also pray that his wife would quickly repent of her wicked actions.

Edouard’s family and church have surrounded him, coming to his aide. They have raised the money to pay the police (the only way to get the police to do anything in Congo) and the police have opened an investigation into the assassination plot. With the information given to them by the fifth assassin, they believe that they will be able to catch the other four men and arrest them.

Keep praying.


Also, if you have been moved by Edouard’s story and want to join us in supporting him, please follow this link to make a secure, one-time donation.