Sunday, April 10, 2005

God Moves In The Church Too!

Nothing major to write about this week concerning God moving on the streets. We went out for outreach a couple times, but don’t have any crazy stories to tell. The other possibility is that we have become so accustomed to dramatic displays of God’s power, that it takes a radical explosion to get our attention anymore.

What we did get was reports of God moving in the church! Below are some reports of what God did at a couple recent conferences where Pastor Marc and some other folks from the church got the opportunity to minister to the sick. Just look at this laundry list of what God did over two weekend conferences, not only with physical healing, but also with financial miracles, and there are still more reports coming in!

Healing Miracles

  • 24 year old lady with deafness and ringing in her right ear received complete healing.
  • 75 year old woman was healed of arthritis in her hands. She was unable to make a fist without pain and can now make fists with no pain.
  • 19 year old rodeo rider with severe back pain from a broken back received prayer and now the pain is totally gone and all flexibility restored.
  • 13 year old girl with severe ear problems and fluid build up, with blocked hearing received prayer and now all symptoms have cleared up.
  • 28 year old woman diagnosed with cervical cancer received prayer and after having new tests, all the cancer is gone!
  • 48 year old woman with limited motion in her back now has full mobility and no pain.
  • 58 year old man with ringing and hearing problems in his right ear is now completely healed.
  • 36 year old woman with growths in her upper arms prohibiting circulation in her hands received an instant miracle as God dissolved the growths, restoring circulation to her hands!
  • 52 year old woman received an instant miracle as pain from a car accident over 20 years ago disappeared immediately!

Financial Miracles

  • Eighth grade girl was presented with a full college scholarship after her parents received prayer for financial blessing.
  • 44 year old woman was named outstanding insurance rep in area and has an influx of new clients after receiving prayer for financial blessing.
  • 45 year old man was blessed with a new business that is prospering beyond targeted range after receiving prayer for financial blessing.
  • 50 year old woman received $396.00 in mail from the government’s found money dept. after receiving prayer for financial blessing.
  • 30 year old man was willed land from a distant relative after receiving prayer for financial blessing.

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MaryAnn M said...

cool...Our God is an AWESOME God...prayin that He shows us how to touch his hem here in SC.
desperate for all ways.