Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Lame Walk, The Lost Return and The Demonized Are Set Free! - Part II

Nothing really dramatic happened on Thursday so fast forward to Friday. Last week, our buds out in California gave us a hot tip on Football games. They had taken an outreach team to a football game and had a wild time. Dozens of healings and several people got born again as they invaded groups of kids with a simple message, “The Kingdom of God is on the earth”. They told us that if we can find a central area where kids are hanging out, we could have a blast.

So, we found a local high school football game, made our plans and invaded. There were six of us and when we arrived, we were excited. This was a homecoming game and there were literally thousands of kids, both in the stands and surrounding the concession stands. It was overwhelming at first and took us about 30-45 minutes to just get acclimated and get our heads in the game. But after finding a giant group of kids just standing around, we broke up into groups of two and jumped in. The response was fantastic. It would take many pages to describe in detail everything that happened, but basically, heaven came down. This is how it went.

For my crew, we would just walk into a group of kids and single one of them out, preferably the leader. See, in these situations, the popular kid has a lot of sway and very few people will approach them because they are “cool”. When we go right up to them and start telling them crazy stuff that the Lord is giving us, it gets the attention of a whole group. Here’s another thing: we may or may not have something from the Lord for them, but in faith tell them that God has something for them and do they want to hear it? If they agree, we tell them first that they must change the way they think (repent) for God’s Kingdom is right in front of them and they don’t recognize it (the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand). Normally at this point, the Lord will have given us something prophetically. It could be something intense, but most of the time it was a very simple prophetic word, a word of knowledge or simple discernment of spirits.

For example, there was a really big guy there; he stood out because he was about a foot taller than everyone. I look at him and ask the Lord for something and I hear two words in my spirit for him, “Leadership” and “Musical Gifting”. I ask the Lord to give me more understanding and I see picture of the guy playing the guitar and singing. So, I approach him, tell him that God has something for him and ask him if he wants to hear it. I then tell him that he has to change the way he thinks because God’s Kingdom is on the earth. He’s looking at me like I’m crazy. Then I tell him that I see leadership ability on him that’s a gift from the Lord and then tell him I believe that he has a musical gift and does he play and sing? He gets all bright eyed and is like, “Oh my God, how did you know that?” I go on to tell him to give his life to Jesus and stop doing the music thing for the girls and he is in rapt attention. He tells me that he is a lead singer for a band and writes his music on the guitar. He asks me how I knew that and tell him that I didn’t know it, but God knew it and wanted to reveal Himself to him. He turns out to be a religious guy, but is rocked to the core as God reads his mail.

In another group of ours, they just went looking for sick people as a way to demonstrate the power of the Gospel. They found a kid with a broken foot. When they asked him what was up, he told them that he was having a fair amount of pain and no mobility in his foot and ankle due to the injury. They asked him if they could pray for him and he agreed. As they prayed, he felt something happening in his foot. After prayer, they asked him to move it and see if there was a difference. He found that there was NO PAIN and 100% MOBILITY! He started to jump up and down on his now healed foot excited that Jesus healed him. Drawn by the commotion, this drew a crowd of about 30 kids all wanting to see what was going on. One of our guys got to stand up and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the whole group, with the healing being the proof of our message.

We went on for a couple hours, doing this again and again. As we would be prophesying over one kid, all of their friends would gather around and we would have an opportunity to preach the Gospel. The hardcore, repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand Gospel. In my group alone, we had 4 people give their lives to Jesus through tears and true repentance as God revealed the secrets of their hearts. I believe that we had at least ten people get born again that night alone. We will definitely be back at football games!

On Saturday morning, we spread out into a couple of groups, heading off to a couple of different community events. These trips don’t have a strong agenda; just, be there and look for opportunities. Both groups got to pray for several sick people and some folks in wheelchairs. One of our teams went from booth to booth at a business fair prophesying over business owners and speaking destiny and purpose into folks. Like I said, low key, but important nonetheless. I want to be at everything our community does and have them say, “not them again!”

Saturday nights, we go out to invade the youth in parking lots near the mall, but this Saturday night we got skunked. The police were extra vigilant and ran the kids out of every single lot.

On Sunday, we had an extra meeting on Sunday night with a special speaker. While I was walking to the back I was pulled aside by a lady that I vaguely remembered. She said, “Do you remember me?” I said that I did, but help me out with the details. It turns out, we had prayed for her husband almost a year ago. She had a story to tell me and I remembered that we had received a call last year from a lady whose husband was in the Alzheimer’s unit of a local hospital. They had to keep him heavily medicated and under restraints because he had become so violent and uncontrollable. She had asked us to come down there and pray for him and we agreed. Another brother in the church and I went down there, shocked at what we saw. He was totally uncontrollable, locked in a near fetal position and mumbling incoherently. I remember that when you touched him, his skin felt like granite. He was literally hard to the touch with demonic rage. We rebuked the devil and prayed for the fire of God to come on him. I remember that he went from a locked up fetal position to complete peace and his body loosened, falling asleep and snoring loudly as we prayed. While we were there, we prophesied that he would be home for Christmas (which was a few weeks away).

So, on Sunday night this lady walks up to me and says, “I had to stop you and tell you what happened after you prayed for my husband”. She pointed to a handsome gentleman sitting next to her in a suit as she told us that God had healed and delivered her husband after we prayed! Within a few days, they released him from the Alzheimer’s unit and into as assisted living retirement home. Within a couple weeks of that, they released him, healthy and stable as could be to go home. He was home for Christmas! She was so happy to introduce me to her husband, in his right mind and back at home.

All in all, a pretty good week.

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