Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The “Bag of Miracles”

There has been a lot going on lately. We have been in the neighborhoods, building up new believers and working with our house churches. This last weekend we took a group down to Macon, Georgia for a few meetings and then some time out on the street. In the meetings, we saw about 20 instant miracles with people being healed from back pain, neck pain and long term injuries, most of them instantly. That’s always cool, when it works inside the building. Then, when we took a group out to a local mall and theater where we had several healings, lots of the prophetic flowing and even an encounter with a rowdy group of kids. We even got a “trophy”, a neck brace that a lady with a neck injury was wearing. She didn’t need it after she got instantly healed in the mall, so we asked her and she gave it to us! It was just like home!

A couple of months ago, we had a guy named Brad McClendon down with us from North Carolina. When he was here, he spoke about a “bag of miracles” that he had seen in the spirit. It was similar to the miracles and signs and wonders that followed the ministry of John Wimber. We prayed and received the “bag of miracles” that night he was here and the miracles that have been happening in the church and out on the road are just too good to keep to ourselves. Most of the time, I don’t even talk about the miracles and healings that have been happening in our meetings, but these are good!

Here's a cool testimony from something that started 3 years ago… 3 years ago, Pastor Marc was ministering in a church in Gastonia, North Carolina. While visiting, he prayed over a prayer cloth for a lady who had suffered through 10+ miscarriages at that point and thought she could never get pregnant. Well, they did have one more miscarriage but got pregnant 9 months ago and had the baby this week and went home from the hospital yesterday. It was their 12th attempt! They had the pastor of the church call because they wanted Pastor Marc to know that they believe it was the anointed prayer cloth that stopped the spirit of death from operating and brought new life in their baby, who they finally brought home this week.

These are a couple of testimonies from a recent ministry trip that Pastor Marc made to a church in LaGrande, Oregon.

A 58 year old Vietnam vet was at the meeting who had lost over 80% hearing in his right ear and 40% in his left ear and was nearly deaf. After prayer, the next week he received a phone call and instead of putting the phone to his working left ear, he put it to his non working right. He discovered he could hear perfectly in both ears!

An older lady was also in the meeting who had vision loss in both eyes but especially in one. Later that week she was to go to an eye doctor to see what they could do for her vision and the Ophthalmologist discovered her eyesight was perfectly normal and didn't understand how it could have changed so drastically! She can see fine!


This is the testimony from a Pastor in LaGrande, Oregon, where Pastor Marc was just ministering:

I wanted to tell you about an amazing miracle that happened here recently. Tiffany (from youth group...shorter & fiery red hair) heard some rumors about a friend of hers being pregnant. When she asked her about it, the girl was very upset b/c she had just found out that she had many cysts on her ovaries and that they could not find the babies heartbeat and that the baby was dead. Tiffany talked to her and then prayed for her that cysts would be gone and the baby would live. When the girl when to a specialist so they could figure out how to flush the fetus out of her body they first did an ultrasound and found that not only were her ovaries just fine with no cysts but the baby was alive and well...well enough to not hold still for the ultrasound!

Jesus is alive!

You can always check out these and more miracles that are happening in our church by following this link.

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jctruth1 said...

I love to hear about what JESUS is doing TODAY ! Years ago I graduated from Bible College and they talked alot about what JESUS if HE no longer does things...hello !!!

I believe that we are writting Acts 29...have a great time taking JESUS where angels fear to tread !

Before I forget, since this country is pushing for saying Happy Holidays, you can always turn that around and say "Who died ?"

That gets their attention and then say: JESUS was crucified, died, and rose again. Merry CHRIST (long pause.........) mas to you !!!

blessings and thanks for praying for my finances........Michael