Sunday, April 16, 2006

Response to “An Open Letter to My Enemies”

We’re gearing up here for our first “Boot Camp” style conference later this week, where half of the scheduled meetings will in fact be outreaches into the community. We have a very interesting and eclectic group pre-registered, ranging from people who attend our church to a guy from England and some folks literally from all over the nation. I think that the people who will be coming are hungry for MORE in their Christian walk. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they won’t be disappointed. It seems that every time we even think of reaching out to the lost and dying, the Lord comes rushing in with awesome displays of His power and glory. Bottom line, I’m excited that more will be equipped, trained and released into the harvest fields.

Look out devil, here we come.

I did want to make a follow up response to the “Open Letter to My Enemies” post I made a couple of weeks ago. Immediately after sending that letter out I received a flood of emails from people who were surprised, shocked, flabbergasted, but generally supportive. The responses ranged from, “Really! People have said those things to you?” to, “What can I do? I feel so sorry for you!” I really appreciate the responses as they were very encouraging and only a few people took themselves off the list after I sent that. But the letter was so, how shall I say it, “aggressive” that I feel a response is warranted.

Many folks questioned if I have really heard those things spoken to me about myself and my family and the answer is: Absolutely. I have heard every one of those things said to my face and all by professing “Christians”. This blog is not a work of fiction, but real life stories of what we are seeing and experiencing on a daily basis as we attempt to get out there and advance the Kingdom of God. I purposefully attempt to understate and conservatively estimate all figures, reactions and responses for the sake of integrity.

Also, many asked me what event provoked me to write such a letter and the answer is simple. There really was no single event that “pushed me over the edge” but rather the daily pursuit of the Kingdom and the almost daily reports of gossip, slander and backbiting that result. In fact, I had for weeks been sitting on the contents of that letter and a good fight over my daughter’s health brought it out of the closet. But honestly, I am immune to “white witchcraft” and “Christian curses” at this point. It’s with pity that I look on people whose only joy in life is to tear others down, not with fear.

There were quite a few folks that were really stirred by what I said and when emailing me simply said, “What can I do?” Here is what I would say to that question:

Get in the game and get in the fight. Pick up your sword and start hacking away at the kingdom of darkness. Don’t make excuses for a lack of power and glory, just press in to God. Don’t argue or perfect your theology, prove and demonstrate your theology. Stop complaining about the church and be the church. Simplify your life. Cut out the excess and the things that have no eternal value. Get about God’s business and lay down your agendas. Get off your seats and get into the streets. It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. There are multitudes of lost and dying ones who need what you have! Lay your hands on the sick and believe for their healing. Kill cancer and wipe out Aids. Stop tolerating devils and cast them out! Take responsibility for your neighborhood, friends and family. Stop waiting on a Sovereign move of God and go start one! Lead people to Jesus and get over your fear. Talk to strangers; tell them your testimony and what God has done for you. Bring light to where it’s needed and don’t keep it under a cover. Be the salt and be the light. Get out there and “do the stuff!”


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