Monday, June 26, 2006

Awesome Testimony

I have a few neat stories to tell from this last weekend. We took a team to South Atlanta again on an equipping/outreach ministry trip. We saw some cool things and some signs and wonders broke out, but when I got back in town, there was an email waiting in my email box that has one of the coolest salvation testimonies ever!

Check this out:


From A Lady in Our Church,

Ok, so I have this massage therapist who is an ordained minister at some metaphysical church and into new age stuff. People at work told her that I heal and have psychic power, so she comes to talk to me today. (Editor’s Note – This lady has been walking in and demonstrating the power of God at her workplace for years now, healing the sick, prophesying over people and leading them into salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.) We talk for hours about the power and love of God. I gave her scripture and wisdom from scripture. She has some messed up thinking, but God gave me just the things to say.

Then she tells me she was told to ask me about my church. So I gave her directions and the web site address. Then she asks me to come to the back so she can show me something. She shows me this paper from a numerologist who told her she was going to meet a lady with auburn hair with blondish highlights (Which she has!) that is in a circle of people that is going to show her what she is to do.

So, I said, “well then, let’s do it now!” So I grab her hands and tell her about Romans10:8 believing and making Jesus Lord. She receives it and confesses Jesus as Lord. I then told her that there are some things she has been taught that are against the word of God and Jesus as Lord and God is going to show her what these things are and she will need to bow the knee to believe Jesus instead of this other stuff in order to walk in her high calling. I then told her she needed the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She got it!

She is going home to tell her 19 year old son about this and plans on being at church tomorrow to find her place. She wants to reach the youth (teens) with the power of God. I think we need to get her right out there and I want to go with her.

Now that’s what I call a prosperous day at work.


Yup, you read that right, a demonically inspired numerologist “prophesied” over this ordained minister at a metaphysical church that she would meet a Christian and be brought into a circle of people that would “show her the way to go”! You know that that is? An advertisement from the devil! The devil pointed this lady to one of our folks that she could receive the Gospel, get deliverance and get filled with the Holy Spirit! Talking about putting the enemy in his place!


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Anonymous said...

What the devil meant for evil God turned it for Good amen!!1