Friday, August 18, 2006

Muchos Milagros!

Or, “Lots of miracles” in English. Last week, I had an email box full of testimonies and I just have to share them with you. One peculiar anointing that we have seen for healing has been in sending people prayer cloths and handkerchiefs that our church has prayed over, according to Acts 19:11-12. Upon contact with these handkerchiefs, the power of God routes and destroys cancer and other incurable diseases! How cool is that?

Anyway, last Sunday at church there was no preaching, no teaching and no equipping from the pulpit. Instead, there was over an hour of testimonies of the power of God moving out in the marketplace! The best part is that the testimonies came from people in all walks of life. Mommies with kids, businessmen, teenagers, students and even grandparents are out there “doing the stuff” and advancing the Kingdom of God!


One of the guys in our church, a business man that owns a heating and air company testified how he was on the job with a Chinese gentleman he was working with. As they talked, he began to minister to the Chinese brother sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom. After a few minutes he asked the man if he had ever made Jesus King and Lord of his life. The Chinese guy responded that yes he had. “When did you do that?” the guy in our church asked him. “Well, I did it about 5 minutes ago when you were talking and I believed what you said for the first time!” Forget a prayer of salvation! This guy just heard and then believed in his heart!

A few days later this same guy came to work with an adverse reaction to working with insulation on his forearms and hands. They were very swollen and itchy. When the guy in our church saw this he said, “Remember Jesus?” “Oh yes, of course I do!” the Chinese brother said. “Well, he’s not only our Savior but He is also our healer!” He then prayed for the man. Within hours, ALL of the symptoms had left the new believer!

A computer programmer at our church had a discussion with a colleague about his father who was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancers of the esophagus and giving a very slim chance of living. The guy from our church preached the good news of the Kingdom of God to him, that God's will and purpose for his father was to be healed, according to the Lord's Prayer. Several folks at the church prayed over a handkerchief, according to Acts 19:11-12 and gave it to the young man who was leaving for what he thought was his last trip to visit his ailing father. He took the anointed handkerchief and gave it to his father praying a simple prayer of healing.

After some time passed the co-worker came up to the gentleman from our church and said, "I don't know if it's something you did or what, but it's (the cancer) going into remission and is almost completely gone!"


A gentleman in our church owns and operates his own business. On hearing that one of his clients was diagnosed with colon cancer he asked the church to pray over a handkerchief according to Acts 19:11-12. He gave it to the man with colon cancer who actually slept with the handkerchief. On returning to his doctor he found that all of the cancer was gone!


A mommy in our church heard about a 4 year old child that lived in her neighborhood that was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis by two different doctors over a period of about a year. She requested permission from the mother, who allowed her to pray. As she prayed, she prophesied that the little girl no longer had the disease and encouraged the mother to take her back to the doctor. The doctors checked the little girl out and pronounced her free from Cystic Fibrosis!


A businessman in our church had contact with a client that was involved in a very serious accident that left him in terrible condition. Upon hearing about the accident, he desired to pray for his client but others in the company would not release information about his whereabouts. This one woman at the company was, as he later found out, sick of "all that Jesus stuff".

Working with what he had to work with and simply believing that prayer knows no boundaries he prayed, believing that the Lord would touch him anyway. Several weeks later the client who was in the hospital was released. He called the gentleman in our church thanking him and giving credit to the power of his prayer for his miraculous recovery saying that he was the only one who was believing for his recovery. Even his family and close friends were resigned to his death. The lady at the company who stopped him from coming for prayer was immediately fired.


One of the gentlemen in our church works as a contractor and has held many of the same clients for many years. Over the years, the Lord has used him dramatically on the job to release healing over friends and family in the neighborhood. So much so that many times when these clients and family members get a bad report from the doctor, the first thing they will do is call this brother from our church to come over and pray!

As he prays, he often declares that everything the doctors saw in X-Rays, MRI’s and CAT scans will disappear and they will be given a clean bill of health. Spots on lungs, livers and brains have many times either totally disappeared or are changed from malignant to benign growths. Also, he has even prayed for family pets and seen dramatic healings and miracles, drawing their owners close to the Lord!

Just had to share...

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You don't know me...yet. My name is Vara and my husband, Mike, and I will be down there Thurs. 8/24 to see Danny & Rachel. Your blogs are such an encouragement to me. I love to read about what God is doing down there and am excited to "catch" whatever I can from y'all!!