Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stories From The Road

Sorry for the lack of updates. There has actually been a lot going on. Lots of travel, lots of equipping, tons of miracles and a whole bunch of salvations! It’s official; it doesn’t matter where we go, if we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, miracles, healings and salvations break out!


Several years ago, the Lord started speaking to us about Jonesboro, which is a little suburb south of Atlanta. The Lord started telling us prophetically that we would have a work in Jonesboro and there would be a move of God that would break out there. In the Civil War, Sherman’s army tried to break through the Confederate lines north of the city of Atlanta and was repelled. They circled around to the south of Atlanta and finally broke through in Jonesboro! They ended up marching through Atlanta, burning it to the ground.

So we began investing in Jonesboro late last year and have continued through this year, taking teams down there to equip and hungry saints and then to get out on the streets. The stories coming from those outreaches have been tremendous. Whole families have given their lives to Jesus as the secrets of their heart are laid bare through prophetic words and words of knowledge.

I was with a team down there and we had a gentleman with us from a local Baptist church down there. Officially, the church’s doctrine is that the age of miracles has passed away with the death of the Apostles and the giving of the Scripture. That may be so, but the gentleman with me witnessed a NOW demonstration of the power of God as a guy we were preaching to went from having a heart that was stone cold to the Gospel to a heart that was tender, down on his knees, weeping and giving his life to Jesus, and in a matter of a few minutes! He was relating to his pastor at a lunch after the outreach that maybe we really had something that could aid soul winning!

Last year at a conference we were hosting, I met a pastor from a church in Libertyville, Chicago. She had heard about the stuff going on with us and wanted to meet me and see if we would come soon to her church and work with her folks in getting them “out of the seats and into the streets”. The invitation came at the first of the year and off we went, just a couple of weeks ago.

The format was simple; teach on the Kingdom, get people free from bondage and filled with the power of God and set them loose on their community to preach the gospel with signs and wonders. There was a good group from the church that came out, a lot of young people and a few young couples, eager to hear from God and do something with it! The only “hiccup” is that we were in Chicago, in February trying to release people to move out in the marketplace. Which, at -20 degrees wind chill, would only be inside a mall.

Everyone was eager to practice what they had been taught and maybe a little nervous, but off we went. Would you believe it, the Gospel even works in Chicago! What was very cool is that several folks that were very shy and reserved ended up being dramatically used by the Lord, getting accurate words of knowledge to impact the Lost!

Last year, while in Newnan, Georgia, preaching the Kingdom and taking people out on the streets, I met a young man down there who was part of a college group in Milledgeville. He was excited at what we had seen over that weekend and wanted to hook up. We traded emails and have been communicating ever since. He got a place to meet and set a date and invited us down to the college campus to equip there folks in “doing the stuff”. We were more than happy to oblige.

Milledgeville was off the hook! The group of young people there was so hungry and full of fire. The results were predictable, God showed up.

One of my favorite stories was of an older woman whose house a team had entered. As they were talking with a family member at the front of the house, one in the group got a word of knowledge about arthritis in the hands. As it turns out, an older lady in the house was experiencing arthritis pain at that moment. As they prayed for her, not only did all the pain leave her body instantly and mobility was restored, but gold dust appeared on her hands as they prayed. Everyone was freaked out at that one!

Here are some comments on the weekend from John Minix, our main contact down there:


On Saturday morning, over forty people gathered to prepare to invade the projects. (Editors Note: actually, it was 56, I counted) Ryan taught out of Matthew 10:7,8 on healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the leper, and casting out demons and includes many personal and practical examples. Then David Dixon taught about prophetic evangelism while also including numerous personal examples. After a time of soaking, 12 groups are formed and literally swarm two housing projects and a small community. After an hour of preaching the gospel, people begin to return with so much enthusiasm and so many testimonies that many of the people can hardly contain everything that God had done.

There were a total of 12 salvations, and 10 instant healings. One healing was a report from someone prayed for a week earlier that was healed of diabetes. The other healings were ranged from arthritis to back pain to a healing of an ingrown toe nail. There was one lady that experienced gold dust. The word of knowledge was flowing freely through many people that had little to no experience what so ever in operating in that gift.Since then, on Sunday, numerous students prophecy over their waiters and waitresses and a couple of students were involved with giving words of knowledge to three goth kids in a Wal-Mart parking lot and leading one through deliverance from demonic oppression. Monday, one student ministered to a homeless man in Macon who was instantly touched by God.

Praise GOD!!! All Glory To JESUS!!!


More to come, we’re off to the Congo in Africa next week! Pray for us!


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