Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Drought Is Over!

Sorry for the lack of updates... Don't know what to tell you, I just haven't gotten around to update the site! LOTS has been happening, LOTS more to come too! in our church service this Sunday, half of the meeting was miracle stories! The miracles and healings continue and people are being equipped to walk in the power of God. In fact, one of the things I wanted to do was direct you to some brothers that we work with who are seeing miracles and the Kingdom come with power as they hit the streets of Jonesboro, GA. and Winston Salem, NC.

This is the blog of some friends of ours in North Carolina, Paul & Renee Erbe. They have been hitting the hood in their areas and seeing some AMAZING miracles. The Blind see, the deaf hear and the poor have the Gospel preached to them! In fact, they are in the process of relocating to the South Side of Atlanta to work with our new church plant down there.

This is the blog of a good friend of mine, David Dixon. David's part of our church and has been leading teams to the south side of Atlanta for the last couple of years. This Sunday, we had our first Sunday service with a church comprised of folks that have been reached through the outreaches in those neighborhoods. Very cool! The miracles and healings that they have been seeing are tremendous. Check it out.

Bunch of posts of those two blogs and that should keep you encouraged until I get around to writing up a fresh update with my stories.

Come on Jesus!

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