Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Presence" Evangelism

We’ve been experiencing a new phenomenon of sorts. There has been a marked increase in the number of people that have recently approached us for all manner of healing, deliverance and ministry. Over and over again we’ve been hearing, “There’s just something about you” or “There’s something in your eyes!” The list goes on and on. This is a novelty to us because for years we have been the ones approaching people for ministry, not the other way around!


I have a friend that I workout with several times each week. We get to the gym around the same time, workout and regularly meet up for coffee at the local Starbucks afterwards. The other day ago I had jumped on the treadmill, plugged in my iPod and was walking furiously away to a series on healing and the miraculous that I had downloaded on the internet. I had only been on there 10 minutes or so when a lady we had seen at the gym before got on the treadmill next to me. She said hi and started making small talk. I had to stop the recording I was listening to her to politely respond. No sooner had, “Hi, how are you” come out of my mouth than she started to unload her life story on me! She got very detailed and started weeping and shaking, explaining to me how she has been getting ill as a result of panic attacks. She described how a chill would run up her leg and then she would start to hyperventilate, going into a full blown anxiety attack. Her sleep had been disturbed and her life had been turned inside out lately as financial fear and life stuff had caught up with her in the form of these panic attacks.

She began to tell me about how she had been praying and asking God to help, but God really hadn’t come through for her yet. She then realized that she was unloading on me and apologized saying, “I’m sorry I don’t even know if you are religious… Are you religious? I replied, telling her, “I really try not to be!” She seemed surprised by my answer and I told her, “I know what you mean though. Yes, I know the Lord.” As she went on describing her situation and the symptoms she had been experiencing I quietly told her, “These panic attacks are not merely physical and psychological, they are an attack from the devil and a demon. You don’t need counseling, you need deliverance!” She looked at me and said in a whimper, “Can you help me?” I said, “Sure! We’ll get you delivered, right after the workout!” The entire time we were talking we were walking briskly. I decided that the thing to do would be to wait for my workout buddy from church and then we would pray for her and get her delivered out in front of the gym.

I went back into the locker room and got my buddy, telling him “There’s a lady out here that has a devil, we need to get it off her. Can you help me come and pray?” He said sure and we walked out of the locker room together. We took our new needy friend out in front of the gym and explained to her the Kingdom of God, telling her that this thing was a demon and we’re going to get rid of it! Before we prayed, we prophesied to her that this was the last panic attack she would have and would be a different person after we prayed. So right there in front of Gold’s Gym we prayed for her, casting out this demonic attack of anxiety and fear. As we broke its power and commanded it to come out, she became limp and literally fell into our arms. We had to hold her up to keep her from going down! The presence of God very obviously came on her and she smiled with a big grin!

We invited her to a church service the next day and while there she received more ministry., Since that time she has caught up with me at the gym, letting me know that since we initially prayed she has been delivered, been sleeping well and hasn’t had a panic attack since!


Some friends and I were at a local hospital where we regularly pray for the sick. While there we just walked by a group of ladies and they reached out and grabbed me by the arm. They said, “There’s something in your eyes!” I said, “You’re right, there is something in my eyes. Do you want to know what it is?” They said, “Please, tell us, I feel like you have something for me!” After getting over the initial shock that they were approaching me I told them that what they were seeing was God’s Spirit inside of me! I explained that I am filled with God’s Spirit and if they wanted it, they could have Him in them too! I told them that when He comes to them, He comes to rule and reign and when He comes, He comes to destroy sickness and disease. I asked them if they had any diseases and sure enough they did. One lady had an issue of blood for the last 30 days and the other lady had diabetes and high blood pressure. We just reached out, touched them and God’s presence just came all over us all! One lady began to cry and was like, “What is that?!” I told her that it was God’s Spirit coming on her physical body. We couldn’t check their symptoms immediately but they promised that when they found themselves healed they would glorify God.

There was one girl sitting on the bench with them that wouldn’t let us pray the first time. But after she saw the other ladies have an encounter with God she became curious and let us pray for her. No sooner had I touched her than she began to swoon in her seat, start to cry and exclaim, “I can feel it, I can feel it!” God’s presence just washed over all of us right there and we had us a little worship service, praising God for touching all of us with His manifest presence!


My buddy and I swung by a local Starbucks after our workout, and ran into an eclectic group of kids. One of the guys was wearing big bell bottomed pants with an open shirt and was sporting quite the Mohawk. The young lady that was hanging all over him was wearing a string bikini top, torn jeans, was barefoot and half naked. The other young man looked like he was just along for the ride. In the line waiting for coffee the two crazy looking kids started making out passionately. Ick. I stood right behind them and started making kissy face noises, voicing my displeasure. Ha-ha. Real mature, I know.

Out in front of the store, they were getting in there car and looked over our way. I waved at them saying, “Bye, little hippies!” They started walking over to us and the young lady with them was kind of lurching, acting real weird and was saying, “Something tells me that we need to meet you!” I quickly responded, “You do!” She then began to tell us that they could see something in our eyes and I quote, “You have this big, beautiful aura!” I said, “I know!” They sat down with us outside the Starbucks and began to just talk to us, asking questions I know were designed to illicit a judgmental response. They asked questions about politics, the legalization of marijuana, etc. When we didn’t react, they were intrigued. I just sat there, asking the Lord for something for them prophetically. After a few minutes, the Lord gave me a word for the young man who looked out of place. When I started to share it, all three of them freaked out, two of them jumped up and were saying, “This is too wild, I know we were supposed to meet you!” The word the Lord gave me was right on and they started asking, “How did you know that?” I was able to explain to them about how the God of the Bible knows everything about everyone and from time to time will show us something to prove that He is real and He is interested in and loves them.

The word of knowledge opened the door and we walked though it, spending a while explaining the Kingdom to them. They didn’t give their lives to the Lord but happily heard it, we exchanged numbers and have now made some new friends.

Let’s call them “Pre-Christians”!

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