Friday, June 19, 2009

Multiple Miracles!

Several weeks ago I went with a Pastor from Kentucky to Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta. The Pastor was here because he had heard some stories through Sid Roth’s TV program and My Dad’s appearance on there. He had also read my Dad’s book and wanted to see it for himself. That day, our goal was to see the Kingdom of God come with power and destroy the work of the enemy.

Mission accomplished.


We got to the Hospital and just hung out for a few minutes, asking the Holy Spirit what He was doing. I was with another brother who immediately took off after a young lady that was totally demon possessed! (She ended up getting delivered of her demons!) He went after her and I just sat down on a bench where lots of folks were hanging out. A young man came walking out of the hospital on crutches, strongly favoring his right foot, which had seen better days. It was totally mangled and you could barely call it a foot. It was bruised, broken, bloody and poorly wrapped in a bandage. With great care he made his way over to the bench and then sat down with a thud, unable to put any weight on it.

I was sitting next to him and asked him what happened to his foot. He said that he was in a car with his girlfriend, coming home from a party, late at night. They got into a terrible car accident and his foot and ankle were crushed. His girlfriend was in much worse shape and when the paramedics showed up, they sent her by helicopter to another hospital. He was taken to a hospital where he was quickly bandaged up and the wound was cleaned. When they were treating him, he kept asking about his girlfriend and they wouldn’t tell him her condition because of privacy laws (they weren’t married). So before they could set the broken bones he jumped up and walked out of the hospital, still bleeding mind you, to go find out what happened to his girlfriend. She wasn’t doing very well and needed several surgeries, but was now recovering at Grady Hospital.

Fast forward to today. It had been 6 days since this all had taken place and now we were in front of the Hospital where he had been visiting his girlfriend and also had seen a doctor. They told him that he had to come in and have the bones re-broken so they could set them, since it had been more than 72 hours since the injury. So here he was, in pain, visiting his girlfriend who was in pain and about to have his foot and ankle re-broken. He was having a bad day.

I told him why I was talking to him in the first place. I told him that I noticed his crutches as he walked up and that I wanted them. He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him that I had several pairs of them hanging on the walls of our church and that I knew the perfect place for his! Again, he looked at me like was totally NUTS! I told him, “Let me explain”. While I was speaking to him, this huge man came walking by very slowly, in obvious pain and sat down next to me on the bench. Now there were three of us on the bench. I then told him about the Kingdom of God and the effect it has when it comes on people like him, who have injuries and need crutches. What brought it home is when I explained to him “On earth as it is in Heaven”.

The big guy next to us was watching and listening intently now as I asked if I could pray for the guy’s mangled foot and ankle. He was like, “Sure, go for it!” But before I would pray I had him stand up and try to put weight on the foot and rate his pain. Every ounce of pressure on the foot brought intense pain. Just standing there on his crutches he was in intense pain. His pain was a 9 or 10. So we prayed. I don’t know what it is, but over the years we have developed a real breakthrough in pain and especially broken bones. I knew exactly what was going to happen. I was so confident that I directed my Pastor buddy from Kentucky to watch his face. I told the pain to “GO!” And it left!

The look on this guy’s face with the busted foot was a million dollar look. His eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped. I said, “Where’d the pain go?” He was dumbstruck. He literally couldn’t communicate. I could tell that he had absolutely NO grid for what had just occurred. It was awesome. We had him check the foot, put weight on it and then put ALL his weight on it. He had NO PAIN!!!


The big guy sitting next to us was obviously affected. I could see a tear in his eye and I asked him, “Are you seeing this?!” He said, “Of course!” I said, “This is REAL, you know!” He fired right back, “I know, I know!” I asked him what was wrong with him and he said something about his leg. He had a long standing injury and lots of pain. He had plates and screws in his shin, limited mobility and some pain. I told him that God is no respecter or persons and what He would do for one, He would do for another! He let us pray for his leg and the pain left! He had tears coming down his face and I asked him if there was anything else as he was still moving pretty slowly. He called me close and explained to me where his REAL pain came from.

19 years ago he had an injury where he crushed one of his vertebrae. The doctors had done EVERYTHING they could do and for 19 years he had been in excruciating, blinding pain. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The only relief came from serious drugs (Opiates) and after so many years of using them, he was hooked. He said that his normal pain level is a 10 and the drugs would take it to an 8. He was actually at the hospital to pick up his prescription. He had taken the drugs a little while before and was at an 8. I told him that God could take care of this and he weakly smiled, scared to believe, even for a minute or two. Before he could think about it, I had him do something that caused him pain. He was walking like a mummy, very stiffly and not bending his back at all! I had him try to bend front to back and back to front and he could barely move either way. I had him try to bend side to side and he could hardly move at all. Then I told him, “Watch this!”

I put my hands on his back, commanded the pain to go and the vertebrae to be healed in Jesus name. We commanded the Kingdom to come to his body. When I told the pain to “GO”, I felt the presence of God surge out of me into his back. I knew he was healed. So I asked him the same question I asked the other guy, “Where’d the pain go?”

He started to check it, the tears ran down his face and he said, “It’s gone!” I had him bending side to side and front to back, all without pain!
He even missed his bus while talking to us. I started to apologize but he stopped me saying, “I’ll get another bus, this was WORTH IT!”

19 Years of the devil’s work destroyed!

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Tim said...


I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blogs for a couple of years now. Jesus is really moving through you and the people you are training. I hope that one day or even more than one day that I can come and hang out with you guys. Be Continually Blessed and Always Encouraged....Tim Johnson