Sunday, February 27, 2005

Instant healing leads to salvation...

Saturday Morning Report
February 26th, 2005

A small group of believers met together to worship Jesus before heading out and preaching the Gospel to the poor. We had our sites set on going to downtown Atlanta, outside of Grady Hospital. There would be many poor, homeless and sick people, all needing a touch from Jesus, so we soaked in the river of God with abandon.

We arrived downtown, full of excitement at what the Lord would do. For the next 2 hours, we just hung around outside Grady Hospital, looking for an opportunity for Jesus to do what He does best! And you know what? He did! The first person we met was a homeless guy. He was hungry for Jesus and responded readily to the Gospel.

A few minutes later, we see a young man walking towards us with a noticeable limp. We walked up to him and asked him what was wrong with his leg. “Man, I sprained my ankle!” he said. We asked him if it hurts and he said, “What do you think?” We asked him if he wanted it to be well and he just said, “It’ll get better”. “Yeah, in a couple weeks maybe, but do you want it healed NOW?” we asked. “Awww man, do you really believe in that !@#$?” he asked. “We sure do. We just saw Jesus heal a guy with a busted up ankle two weeks ago and he can do the same for you” we told him. “Can we pray for you?” we said. “Sure, go ahead” was his hesitant reply.

We started out by telling him, “Listen, first of all, you have to change the way you think (repent). You see, you think that if your ankle gets sprained, then you will have to wait a couple weeks until it’s better. But if God has His way, you will have no pain right now! The rule and reign of God is right here and you don’t even recognize it (the Kingdom of God is at hand), it’s right here in front of you.”

Now we had his attention. We asked him which ankle was hurt. It was his left ankle. Without reaching down, I extended my foot and touched his. We prayed a simple prayer, commanding all pain and inflammation to leave and commanding the fire and anointing of God to come into His foot. After a minute, we told him to check it. He just stood there looking at us. We told him again to check it. “I know it’s better” he said. “Well, show us” we told him. He started to walk… without any limp at all! He took a few steps, pain free. He turned around, looked at us with the most classic surprised look you can imagine, eyes as big as baseballs, mouth held wide open while he repeated over and over, “What the !@#$? did you do to my foot?” “Nothing, Jesus did it!” we assured him. But he would not be consoled. He was absolutely flabbergasted that his ankle was healed.

A couple of our guys walked over to him and talked with him preaching the gospel and telling him that Jesus is King. He was convinced; the power of God did its job. In just a couple minutes of talking, he gave his life to Jesus and got powerfully touched by the Holy Ghost. Before the afternoon was over, four people had met the Lord and a dozen more had been touched by God. Go Jesus!

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