Saturday, February 05, 2005

Words of knowledge open the door to salvation...

Friday Night Report
February 4th, 2005

We took a team out for a youth outreach Friday Night. Before going out, we soaked in the presence of God for an hour. After marinating, we all loaded up in Tommy and Valerie’s 15 passenger van. There were twelve of us… I like that number.

When we arrived at the parking lot behind Bahama Breeze, there weren’t that many people there. We talked to a few folks that we know and nothing much was happening, so we decided to chill out and hang at a light pole. The crowds were now gathering. As we sat there, we gently asked the Holy Spirit to show us where the action was tonight. My vision was drawn to an uncouth group of girls. I simply felt that the Holy Spirit would have something for them. We walked over near them and on the way, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “One of them has been having a recurring dream that is disturbing them”. As we walked over to the group, we were met with stares and scowls, we were obviously intruding. But hey, who really cares what they think?

We walked over to them and addressed the group by saying, “who over here has been having a recurring dream that is disturbing you?” Well, that just ticked them off, one guy started blowing cigar smoke in my face, another guy started cussing us out behind our backs and then these three girls sitting on a car started mocking us, asking where we got a stupid question like that. I held my ground and repeated the statement, “No, I’m serious, who over here has been having a recurring dream that is disturbing you?” One girl looked at us real weird and said, “Well, I do, but I think it’s just because I get drunk and high”. I told her that the recurring dream was a message from the Lord, He could only speak to her when she was sleeping because she didn’t listen to Him when she was awake. This got her attention. She was afraid to share the dream for fear of being mocked by her friends. We spoke to her and a couple of her friends for a few more minutes, talking to them about the power of God, etc.

Someone else in our group got a word of knowledge that one of the three girls we were talking to had been sexually molested. At first, they all denied it, but after a few minutes, the same girl with the recurring dreams admitted to having been sexually molested as a young girl. She was flabbergasted as to why we would ask such a thing of her. It was obvious that the combination of these two words of knowledge was having an effect. We told her that Jesus was there to heal her of her wounds and hurts and she just looked at us saying, “I get the feeling when I pray to God that He’s much more concerned about others people who are much better than me, I mean, why would He listen to me of all people?” We explained to her that Jesus loves her so much that He would personally answer her prayers by sending us to her! We were the answer to her prayers! She prayed to God that He would help her and He sent us!

The Lord gave us one more Word of Knowledge about her being tormented 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We could see that the enemy would simply not leave her alone. She started crying now asking “Why me?”. We told her that the enemy was attacking her because he hates her. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came so that she might be free! We gave her the good news that she would not have to suffer torment constantly, if she gave her life to Jesus, Jesus would take away the torment and pain and rescue her.

After a few more minutes of preaching to the Gospel to her, she was ready to get born again. We led here to the Lord right on the spot. She prayed and asked Jesus to save her life and take her body. She confessed Jesus as Lord right on the spot. We immediately prayed deliverance for her and got rid of all that torment. As we were praying for her, she was sitting on top of a car. She really felt the power of God and nearly slid off the car as we prayed. We ended up speaking to two of her other friends, one of them was already born again but we prayed for her to be set free of a qualifying spirit and the other was a Satanist.

Several other things happened out there. All in all, two people got born again and a mess of people had an encounter with God.

Go Jesus!

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