Sunday, June 26, 2005

Baby Raised From The Dead!

Look out devil! We just had our first "Dead Raising" and we are VERY excited about it! This is the testimony of an eye witness, a young mommy in our church.

Once again, Jesus has proven Himself as King and Lord, even over death!



My brother had called me a few weeks before his wife was supposed to deliver their baby girl and asked me if I could be in the delivery room with him because he did not know that he could do it alone. My brother is an unbeliever and so I was excited about this opportunity because I knew I would get to pray while I was there. He told me that he wanted me to come because he thought I would be the least religious one in the family and he knew that I would not "do anything weird" while I was there. 0I told him he was wrong that I would pray, and he said, "OK" as long as you do it quietly."

I got the call on June 10, 2005, my brother was calling to tell me to come to the hospital we were going to be having a baby here in a while! I arrived at the hospital and my sister-in- law began to push and the nurse told her that she would call for the doctor to come in as soon as the baby had crowned. The baby started to crown and the nurse called for the doctor. She got a call back that the doctor was in a surgery and that she would not be able to be there yet. The nurse seemed a little scared and began to tell us that she had never delivered a baby herself only assisted in the pushing. The baby's head came out and the nurse said to my sister in law, "You are going to have to stop pushing because the cord is wrapped around this babies neck."

The nurse looked at me and my brother and me and told us that the baby was dead. The nurse went to put her finger under the cord so that she could cut it and could not even get her finger under there it was wrapped around twice and very tight. The nurse got some clamps and began to try to cut the cord. She finally was able to cut it off and she pulled the baby out. The baby was completely purple and gray and totally lifeless. The nurse again turned to me and my brother and said she is not alive, she pronounced her Dead on arrival. All during this I was praying. The nurse took the baby over to a table in the room and hooked her up to some oxygen and began to try to revive her, but then she looked again to us and said, "It's no use, she is gone. She is dead."

I walked over behind this table and I reached my finger in and touched the baby. I said, "In Jesus Name, I speak life to you, you will live in Jesus name." Immediately she jerked her head back and looked over at me and smiled. My brother, the nurses and the doctors who had come in said "What did you just do?" I said, "I just prayed." They all stood there in complete shock and saying, "She was dead, she was not alive, she was not breathing." I said, "I know but Jesus brought her back to life."

My brother was in tears and did not know what to do or say. This has opened a huge door for me to witness to my brother, he has called wanting to talk about what happened and he has all kinds of questions for me. God is awesome. I knew that something was going to happen that day and that I would have an amazing opportunity to witness to them.

Rebekah Engels


Crystal said...

awesome awesome awesome! Praise the Lord! I'm so excited!!!
Praise the Lord!

MaryAnn M said...

i am excited for you...

but i am getting tired of all the STUFF happening to someone else...i want my OWN stories...
better get busy

Fernando said...

Maryann M,

We are all part of the body of Christ. It is Christ who has to be lifted up, not us... Why do you want YOUR own stories? Always look upon Jesus... Without Him, we can't do anything. Give glory to Him, and not to yourself. Take up your cross, seek His Kingdom and all the rest will follow!

In Christ,

Ryan Lawson said...


I know that Maryann M is rejoicing with us, which is awesome! I also think it's great that she is unsatisfied with only hearing and now wants desperately to see for herself. That's the kind of desperation that leads to action!

That is the purpose for sending out these reports in the first place - to spread the fame of Jesus and rouse believers to walk in their inheritance!

Jesus wants us ALL to walk in our birthright; the miraculous, signs and wonders and healing; It's the enemy (a spirit of poverty) that has duped us into thinking that it's only for a select few.

The truth is, it's for ANYONE who believes. - John 14:12

Anonymous said...

God is just too awesome. He does unimaginable things. mine! mine! mine! I'm very grateful to God

MaryAnn M said...

no no...not MY stories to brag on...oh boy...guess i worded that wrong...

i know that there MUST be a demonstration of the Power of God for the lost to see Jesus...otherwise its just talk.
I read books and hear others stories and know that God is desiring that ALL His children walk in fullness of the Spirit and Heal the sick, Cleanse the Lepers, make the blind See and Raise the Dead........and then say...Hey..THAT WAS GOD!!

I am desperately seeking the "stuff" to start happening HERE in MY LITTLE TOWN. I want God to sweep thru here in dynamic power to bring the currently broken and lost to be the beautiful Bride to fullness.

its all for HIS GLORY...not mine...but I dont want to miss a moment...

but as a side note: i have been in churches for YEARS and never was taught about this kind of thing. It is considered DANGEROUS by most little congregations that want to keep things nice and neat...

count me in. I want to be dangerous. I want to join the battle. I want to see the lost found and the broken restored.

These people have a destiny and purpose given to them by God and all these situations and sicknesses are standing like mountains in the way of them reaching their God-Destiny. The Mountains must be moved for them to walk free.

no more captives.
I want to follow my Savior...
"get up and walk"
"stretch out your hand"

"go...follow Jesus...and sin no more"

MaryAnn M said...

for years everyone wanted to go to Africa because that is where most of the "stuff" was happening.

doesnt God care about us here in the US? (yes)
doesnt he care about my crippled neighbor? or my weakened feeble mother in law?

of course....

so it is MY responsibility to seek the Kingdom of God and His ways to bring Him into the situations that I see everyday.

He wants a radical army to walk forward and finally follow His Precious Son's examples instead of safely planning yet another potluck luncheon to feed the members of First Blah-de-Blah Church on the Corner after service this Sunday where they dont really like to have new "needy" people come in and mess up their routine.

zionjudah said...

As for the idea that you have to go to Africa to see all this kind of stuff happen. Take it from a guy who has lived there... we can do it here. The only difference is in our heads. You are right maryann m. same God, same King, same Power, same call.

Oh yes... said...

It has begun...

Anonymous said...

When O Yes said...

"It has begun" My heart jumped into my throat. You may not realize the power of what you just said. It was a declaration and it was real, like sticking a stake in the ground and declaring territory, not just in the spirit, but in time.

You are absolutly right...

It has begun, and I intend to be part of it!


Lawson said...

Hey Ryan! (Nice last name bro!!!- same as me!)
I'm from Sydney, Australia and I go to Hillsong Church. God bless you man for what you're doing! Keep spreading the gospel and stay strong in the faith!
I also have a blog ( Come say hi sometime! I'll add a link to this site!

I would love to leave you with a verse!
John 14:12- I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the father.

1 Peter 3:15- Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

Lawson :)

MaryAnn M said...

come back...tell us more...what is happening in the Atlanta area?