Thursday, June 09, 2005

Riot! – Part II

John is totally possessed. He’s right in his friends face, trying to stop him from hearing what we have to say. I rebuke him in Jesus name for being a mocking devil and he eventually moves on. Erin finishes with this guy, giving him the opportunity to get born again. He chooses not to, rejecting the grace and mercy of God displayed to him that night. It’s ok though, we’ll be back.

We move on to another young lady and the Lord shows us that she struggles with extreme anxiety and can’t sleep because of it. She acknowledges that this is right and we start talking to her. Our troublemaker, John, starts to hang around, listening to what we are saying. He comes right up to me and says, “What do you see for me?” I say, “Do you really want to know?” He says, “Yeah!” I look at him and the Holy Spirit says, “John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer”, I understand this to be an extreme sexual perversion that will ultimately, one day lead him to kill. So I say, “Ok then, what I see for you is extreme sexual perversion, on a level most people wouldn’t understand”. He just gives me this vacant look, like “How did you know?” and walks away.

We continue talking to these couple of girls, but it’s obvious that it’s going nowhere. John comes back up a few minutes later, gets serious for a second and then says, “You have no idea, you have no idea!” He’s talking about this thing with sexual perversion… Before I even know what I am saying, I hear myself say, “Yes I do. I know that left unchecked, you will kill one day.” His eyes about pop out of his head, he looks dead at me and says, “Get it off me!” I say, “Are you serious? Because if you aren’t for real, if you don’t serve Jesus and get filled with the Holy Spirit, it will come back 7 times stronger and wipe you out!” He says, “Yes! Get it out! You have no idea what this thing is like; I can feel things crawling in my skull! I can’t sleep at all…” I say, “Jesus will deliver you, but one thing is necessary first, you have to get down on your knees, give your life to Jesus and cry out to Him before I pray for you”.

John goes on to mock about this requirement to get down on his knees, but I can tell that he’s serious. He’s terrified about this demonic control on his life, he knows that he’s powerless to stop it and he believes that Jesus can take care it. So, through his mocking and jeering he ends up getting on his knees. A whole group of his friends is watching intently now, all of them mocking and ridiculing. John looks right at me and says again, “Get it off me”. I remind him, “Are you serious?” “Oh Yeah” he says. “Ok then, pray this with me.”

Ryan: “Lord Jesus”
John: “Lord Jesus”

Ryan: “I make you the Lord and King of my life”
John: “I make you the Lord and King of my life”

Ryan: “This day, I am finished with the devil and the kingdom of darkness”
John: “This day, I am finished with the devil and the kingdom of darkness”

Ryan: “I repent of my sin and receive forgiveness by your blood”
John: “I repent of my sin and receive forgiveness by your blood”

Ryan: “Right now, I renounce anger”
John: “Right now, I renounce anger”

Ryan: “Rage”
John: “Rage”

Ryan: “Lust”
John: “Lust”

Ryan: “and Sexual Perversion”
An evil glare comes over his face, the most evil grin I’ve ever seen washes over him and we’re looking right at the face of the devil! His lips start to quiver and his eye starts to twitch.

John: (in a whisper) “I can’t say that one”.

Ryan: “Oh, you’ll be able to in a minute! In Jesus name I bind you, sexual perversion! I also rebuke and bind all of the effects from being molested as a child!”
John: (Breathes out deeply) “Whoah! I feel all dizzy!”

Ryan: “Now say it with me! I renounce sexual perversion, in Jesus name!”
John: “I renounce sexual perversion, in Jesus name!”

Ryan: “Just sit back, relax and let God touch you. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke this demonic stronghold and command it to come out of him, in Jesus name! Holy Ghost, fill him with your power and might, change his life! Come and claim him!”

John reels and pitches to one side, obviously inebriated by the Holy Spirit. I smack him on the belly and command all of the demons to come out of him for the last time. He looks up at me with a completely new countenance, it’s shining and bright. At this moment, the crowd is very agitated. They are ticked off that we are messing with their poster boy for the demonic. I feel a sharp pain between my shoulder blades, like a burning and realize that someone is putting a cigarette out on my back! I jump up, swatting at my back and scream, “Who did that?!” Everyone denies it. I turn back to John, still on his knees; I give him my hand and pull him up off the ground. He stands up, can hardly walk, he’s so drunk in the Spirit and immediately starts to shout to everyone, “This stuff is for real! I didn’t believe it, but now I do! I thought it was just a joke, but it’s real!” He goes to several people, gets right in their face with the testimony of what God has done for him. He’s totally blown away and has no idea what’s going on. All he knows is that one minute he had a demon and now he doesn’t.

I turn around and there is a guy in a red and white shirt right in my face. He’s just standing there, looking at me with hate in his eyes, he’s turning red, he’s so mad. I look right in his eyes, give him a big grin and say, “Jesus loves you!” This makes him all the more angry and he starts pacing back and forth, muttering threats under his breath. I tell him to speak louder, no one can hear him. We square off, I face him flat footed and put my hands behind my back saying, “What are you going to do?” “Kick your @#$!” is his reply. “Well, do what you got to do, because I will do what I have to do. I have to preach to you!” I start preaching right to his face, telling him that Jesus is King and Lord and that His Kingdom is on the earth. I tell him that in the Kingdom of God, there is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. I tell him that there is freedom from anger, hate and the death that he is living in right now. A BIG crowd gathers. They see that there will likely be bloodshed and they want in on the action. My team is standing with me, forming a tight group. I can hear them start to pray under their breath in tongues. The pot is about to boil over...

To be continued…


Laura said...


I realize you probably dont have enough time to write this whole story at once... but this isn't fair
You've left me hanging (like a great novel you want to keep reading!)


MaryAnn M said...

ugh...atlanta is FOUR HOURS AWAY!
when it is *time* we will come.
God is working something cool here.