Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Week In The Life Of A “Normal” Christian

We had a good week this week, what I would call a “normal” week. We were out in the neighborhoods in our community every day, we saw several miracles and several people came to Jesus. All in all, a wonderful week! Monday is my day off, so we begin on Tuesdays…

On Tuesday, a team went to a house church in downtown Atlanta. During worship, the Lord gave them a couple visions for a visitor attending the group and the man began to cry. In a couple minutes, through the power of God and some very accurate words of knowledge, he was on his knees giving his life to Jesus! Later on that night, they prayed for a paralytic and although he wasn’t totally healed that moment, he began to have feeling in his legs for the first time in over ten years!

On Wednesday, a team went into a neighborhood in Woodstock. We met a few people and got invited back to have a Bible Study. This will be a church n no time at all!

On Thursday, a couple guys from Orange County, California flew in to come and see what we’re doing and to minister with us on the streets and in the neighborhoods. They had been reading the testimonies on this blog and had to hook up with us!

We had a rather large team, so we went out to the three different neighborhoods in Woodstock. One of the guys who went out with us for the very first time prayed for a lady and she had a bad back healed instantly. Another lady invited a team into her house and they prophesied to her for 30 minutes or so, with her being amazed at the accuracy they were given.

We went to one house and the guy was very confrontational, saying that all this Jesus stuff is a bunch of !@#$ and he was sick of it. I decided to be a little confrontational and it worked! In a minute, we were sitting in his living room, at his invitation. We started to prophesy over this guy and his wife and they were shaken. We prayed for his wife, who had a head cold and Lupus. Her throat cleared up instantly and all pain left and the congestion in her head cleared up in about five minutes. As we are praying for this guy’s wife, he gets agitated and blurts out that he needs a sign from God. We ask him to be specific and he confesses that he has been addicted to cocaine for over 25 years. He says, “If Jesus can take care of my drug problem, I am His!” Sounds like a wager to me! We pray for him, pray for his wife’s Lupus and will be following up.

Friday started well with a healing at breakfast. We see an elderly guy come in to the bagel place we’re at with a neck brace and a brace on his arm. Come to find out, he has broken his wrist a couple weeks before and had a severe neck injury ten years before. He is in pain with both. Our buds from California start to pray for him and his wrist gets totally healed! No pain, full movement and he has a solid grip! His wife is tearing up and he’s just bewildered! They begin to pray for his neck and he feels the power of God moving in his neck. They get him to take off his brace and he has NO PAIN! He gets great mobility and is sitting there with breakfast on the table turning his head up, down, left and right, all with no pain! The scene was awesome, he’s sitting there with food on the table and a wrist brace and a neck brace next to his food.

We head downtown to Grady Hospital, one of our favorite places. We end up praying for several folks in McDonald’s during a potty break. One lady is crying at her table so we stop by, talk with her, prophesy to her, give her the Gospel and pray with her to give her life over to Jesus and stop running from God. Outside of Grady, we prayed for a couple folks in wheelchairs, contending for paralytics. No one got up today though…

We move on to Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta and see a guy with a headache healed. They also prayed for a guy with a wrist injury that gets about 60% healing in his wrist. We also ran into a couple of street evangelists while down there. They are preaching the Gospel, but without signs, wonders, miracles and healings. We encourage them to go for the whole ball of wax, preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders following and then pray and prophesy over them. We drag them with us to pray for a couple sick people and release them into the healing ministry of Jesus!

The rain started to pour down and a bunch of people congregated under a covered portico. One of the guys from California takes a stab at stopping the rain in Jesus name and it just rains harder! But hey, we’ll never do it unless we “do it”. It’s like one of the guys from David Hogan’s ministry told me. He said people call in the office all the time and ask why they aren’t seeing the dead raised and the first question they respond with is, “How many dead people have you prayed for?” I mean, you’ll never heal the sick unless you pray for the sick. You’ll never raise the dead unless you pray for a corpse and you will never change the weather unless you speak to the storm!

We came in from downtown, went right into the prayer room for an hour or so, get soaked and marinate in the presence of God and then headed right back out to the neighborhoods. We walk up on a couple good old boys, enjoying the afternoon with a few (dozen) beers. The Lord gives us a word about pain in the left shoulder, one of the guys has the pain, we pray and all pain leaves! We got another word about a knee injury and the other guy sitting there tells us that he has this knee injury that limits the amount of weight he can put on it. He also tells us that when he squats it, and I quote, “Sounds like milk being poured over Rice Krispies! With a Snap, Crackle and Pop!” We pray for him and get him to check the knee. No pain and no, “Snap, Crackle and Pop!” We got an invitation to come back and share more.

Back to the church, more soaking prayer and then off to the parking lot! The police have been cracking down the last several weeks, severely limiting our time with the kids that gather in the lot. Not so this night! They are slow to gather, but in a few minutes we have a pretty good crowd. Our team breaks up into several groups and starts giving words of knowledge, prophesying and preaching. One of the guys we go up to is a big Latino dude. The Lord gives us some crazy accuracy and we start telling him some very intimate details about his life. He goes from angry God hater to asking Jesus to take control of his life and gets born again in about five minutes! I love prophetic evangelism, it makes things so much easier!

We head back home later that night, exhausted but fulfilled.

On Saturday morning, several folks show up for our neighborhood outreach and a couple guys from Sparta, Tennessee drive in to hang with us. Like always, we pickle in God’s presence for an hour and head out to a couple of different neighborhoods. There is an open air prayer meeting as several people get prayed for and healed out in the open in one of the neighborhoods, we pray for financial miracles and find out where sick people live in another neighborhood.

Maybe it shouldn’t be like this, but the miracles, preaching, prophesying and praying that happen this week all seem normal. The supernatural has become natural!


zionjudah said...

Jesus is King!!!

Laura said...

hey Ryan,
So cool to hear your testimonies. Supernatural should be natural!
Here in SC we are starting to see some stuff. It is exciting and scarey all at the same time. But we are doing it..getting out there on the streets! God has given us some very accurate words so far and we've prayed with a few folks.

jctruth1 said...

Ryan :)

Got the annointed handkerchief...believing GOD to resurrect GOD's promises, prophecy's, and finances !!!

RevivalforUs said...

We're the two guys from Orange County and we had a ball in the airport on our way home!

First we met a man that had a blood clot in his leg a few years ago and had trouble walking on one leg where he permenant nerve damage below his left knee. We prayed and sensation and control returned to the left leg.

Second we prayed for a lady with fibro-myalgia. She had constant backpain before we prayed after there was little or no pain left.

Got to be Provoked

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