Monday, September 05, 2005

Costa Rica Trip Report

September 1st, 2005

A team from the church just returned home from our Costa Rica trip with Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow and the Daystar Team in Norcross, Ga. We were a team of 8 in a larger team of 41. The team was as diverse as could be with kids as young as four and several folks in their sixties. In addition, there were eight different churches represented on our team. All in all, it was good for our team to experience a different culture where they didn’t speak the language, as several of our young people had never been on a plane, much less go out of the country!

We had a good time and saw some cool stuff, doing prophetic ministry in a couple of churches and with a group of Pastors and ministry leaders. There were several healings with a couple of deaf ears opened, migraine headaches, and old injuries healed, etc. We saw several people delivered from demons too. One of the coolest things we saw was the steady stream of divine appointments and opportunities with key leaders in the country.

Concerning Johnny Enlow, I have never seen such favor of God in action. In the short time we were in Costa Rica, Johnny was on television twice giving a word he had for Costa Rica and the shows that he taped will air in 58 countries and 4 continents. I saw how you can do more in a week with the favor of God on you than you could in five years without the favor of God. Way cool to watch.


One of the biggest revelations that our team had on the trip is that we see as much or more of the supernatural and miraculous happen here in the states, on the streets of suburban Atlanta, than we did in a third world, developing country on a mission trip! It’s no mystery and there’s no magic formula, we just spend lots of time with people that don’t know Jesus and while we are with them we are actively looking for the Kingdom of God to invade every impossible situation.

I remember praying for years for a release of miracles, signs and wonders, salvations and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. I remember the prophecies of what would start happening “on the streets”. Looking up from the rigorous activity and heavy ministry schedule, you could almost forget that we are now living in and manifesting what was promised years ago. In fact, I can’t remember what life was like without a steady stream of healings and miracles any more. Stories of healings, miracles, signs and wonders are coming in all the time. It’s become normal for cancers to be healed and for tumors to shrink. It’s become normal to get accurate words of knowledge and prophecy for strangers on the streets. It’s totally normal for the Lord to give us words of knowledge that lead people to get born again and give their lives to Jesus.

My, how things have changed.


zionjudah said...

When you can do it here it is proof that geography is irrelevant, and you can do it anywhere.
Jesus is King!

Fernando said...

I recently told a friend about what you are doing on the streets. We are praying about it but we are planning to go out on a regular basis. Please pray for us.

It is really encouraging to know that God also works in our Western decadnent world in the same way as he does in poor areas.

Here in Belgium, there is a real spirit of darkness over the land... People aren't receptive to the gospel at all.

Keep working for Him through His grace! Keep leaning on Him! Let his love shine out from your hearts! Let them get to know Jesus through you!

I pray that the Lord may encourage you, comfort you and keep you humble!

In Christ,

Ryan Lawson said...

Belgium, huh?

We'll pray, but hey, sounds like a "mission" trip to me!

Fernando said...

Yep, Belgium... there is an invasion of the occult at the moment. And people really don't want to know about Jesus. We have a history of catholicism of the 'worst' kind (marian adolatry, etc.) and people here appear to be blind to the things of God.

Recently I was in Slovenia (ex-Yougoslavia) on holiday... and everyday was just a great day of testifying of Our Saviour. People were coming to us with all kinds of questions, we had a worship service on the campsite, etc. We reached a lot of Dutch people, Slovenian people, etc. But the Belgians on the campsite, we couldn't reach. Really strange, they are really closed of to the gospel.

We don't have many Christ-centered, Spirit-filled churches over here, mainly dead catholic churches. PĂ«ople here should really see the power of the Lord!

But even then, ... I guess we have hardened hearts toward Jesus. I pray that He might take matters into His hands and that we might see an outpouring of His Spirit! I pray that the Lord may use me and others for this work. He promised new hearts in Ezechiel for us instead of these hearts of stone... We as a people need to repent, but we are too proud!

I pray that the Lord may forgive us and humble our hearts, so that He can bring life to this thirsty desert called Belgium...

If you wanna come to a 'hard' mission field, come to Belgium! But with our Lord, nothing is impossible! We depend on Him! He can make us plough this fallow ground!

In Christ,