Friday, September 16, 2005

Jesus Knits Broken Bones!

This just happened a couple days ago and I thought I would share it with you.

I received a call on Tuesday morning from a friend who owns a sign company. He was out of town but just received news that one of his employees was injured in a work related accident. An awning from a sign that weighed a couple hundred pounds had come loose from the wall it was attached to, fell on him and knocked him from the ladder he was standing on. He was knocked unconscious and the paramedics were called. They rushed him to the emergency room, where he was in intense pain and disoriented. The attending physician diagnosed him with a broken collar bone, a broken arm and perhaps a broken shoulder. They put him on morphine and ordered some x-rays to see how bad the damage was.

This is where we come in. We get a call right after he arrived at the hospital, asking us to go and pray for him. Another brother and I head over there and I call a friend on the way, asking him to meet us. We get in to see him, pray for him for about two minutes and simply decree that there will be no broken bones, only some bruising. As we are walking out, the other brother I called came walking in. He walked in and prayed along the same lines. But here’s the good part.

Barely more than an hour later, we get a phone call saying that they just got the x-rays back and he has NO BROKEN BONES and they were sending him home with some pain relievers for the bruising!

Get that! Jesus knits broken bones!


Nikolaj said...

but did you get to testify to some of the people around? Like the doctors or the man himself, if he isn't a christian allready?

Ryan Lawson said...

But of course!

The guy who got healed is a "traditional" Christian and not acquainted with the ways of the pirit. He's getting an education...

The Doctor's just blew it off as an anomaly.

MaryAnn M said...

...some doctors actually believe.

it is hard though because the reality that they see everyday is gruesome and heartwrenching...i am married to one who works with a few...(grin)
what i keep telling them all is: this is reality. HOWEVER there is a Reality beyond this reality that supercedes this one. THAT Reality rules this one.
If I keep it up...they just may see the Light.

Ryan Lawson said...

We have had a few doctors confronted with the truth of the Gospel. Our favorite so far is the term, "sudden remission" to describe a couple folks getting healed of cancer.

I would hate to be in their position, with all of the litigation surrounding their profession. They have to tell you the worst case scenario, just to cover their behinds...

We just had a lady that the Doctors told to abort a baby FOUR TIMES give birth to a healthy little girl. They are still scratching their heads over that!