Monday, November 21, 2005

Blind Eyes Opened and Miracle Weight Loss!

Wow, what a long weekend! We just finished a conference here at our church. The whole theme of the conference was “God – Out of the Box”. And to illustrate the theme of the conference, this week we had a couple of wild miracles that were totally “out of the box”.

My buddy Brian from Oklahoma City was in town to hang out with on the streets with us and attend the conference while he was in town. One of his (and our) favorite places is a local hospital where there is a big open courtyard where lots of poor and sick people hang out. To coin a Top Gun phrase, it’s a “target rich” environment for the Kingdom of God to invade. Anyway, we were down there praying for folks and prophesying and had a couple of cool God encounters.

One lady came out of the hospital, hobbling down the sidewalk, obviously in pain. We asked her what was wrong and she told us that she was in horrible pain and they had just diagnosed her with two slipped discs. We told her about the Kingdom of God and how the Lord would heal her and asked if we could pray. We prayed and then asked her how she felt. She noticed a big difference in the pain and mobility, but it wasn’t completely gone so we prayed again. In a couple of minutes, she went from being in pain, hunched over and hobbling to beaming with joy, without pain and walking normally! She walked away thrilled at what Jesus had done for her.

We walked by an elderly woman in a wheelchair, being pushed by a younger woman that we later found out to be her daughter. We asked the older lady why she was in the wheelchair and she told us that she had severe asthma that caused her to lose her breath when she would walk, thus confining her to the chair. We told her about the Kingdom of God and asked if we could pray for her. She agreed and while praying, my buddy Brian got a word of knowledge and asked her if she had diabetes. She nods yes. So we go to work, calling the fire and power of God to heal the asthma and drive out diabetes and suddenly her eyes opened up real wide. Right in front of our eyes, we watched her eyes go from a milky blue to a bright, clear blue. She started exclaiming, “I can see! I can see!” Brian and I looked at each other and asked her, “What’s going on with your eyes?” She starts saying, “The sky is blue! The sky, it’s so blue!” Come to find out, she had cataracts and couldn’t see, but as we prayed for the asthma and diabetes, the Lord opened her eyes! I guarantee you that we were as surprised as she was! We’re getting used to seeing God answer prayer, but it’s a new experience for God to heal someone of something we weren’t even asking for!

Pretty “Out of the Box”, but the next one really floored us.

Before I tell this story, a little background might be appropriate. About a year ago, I was meditating on the scripture that tells us, “All things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). The Lord interrupted me and simply said, “Why don’t you seek me for the grace to re-grow hair and miracle weight loss?” I was surprised to say the least, but thought about what He said. I remembered stories from the ministry of A.A. Allen and how there were eyewitnesses to a woman losing 100lbs. in a prayer line! I also remembered the stories I had heard from the revival in Argentina of how the Lord was putting gold teeth in people in the middle of a bar! I decided that God was God and could do anything we asked Him to. I also decided that we were probably not seeing these kinds of things because we weren’t asking Him for them! (James 4:2)

So I started asking God to do anything He wanted to do, even crazy stuff like weight loss and hair growth! Think about it, if you had a proven track record of miracle hair growth and miracle weight loss, the world would be beating down your door and you could give them the Gospel! Remember, shrewd as serpents, innocent as doves? Since then, I have yet to see hair growth, but I have had two people tell me that after I prayed for them about other things, they had an unusual grace on them and started losing weight like mad! And I’m a fat guy!

Back to the story…

Earlier in the week, we went to visit some believers in a neighborhood we have been in several times before. We met up with a girl that we hadn’t seen for about a month and started asking how she was. Last month, we had the awesome privilege of leading her to Jesus. Her story was remarkable in that she had suffered a bunch of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and several other men. She was emotionally devastated and totally wrapped up in anger and unforgiveness. We spoke to her about the Lord’s forgiveness and she gave her life to Jesus and got powerfully delivered from the anger and bitterness. What we didn’t know and just found out is that after she met the Lord and we went home, she got on the phone and confronted all of the men that had raped and abused her, even her father. While she was on the phone, she released forgiveness, let go of her anger and told us that she felt 100lbs. lighter! That’s not unusual as we have seen many people after deliverance remark that they felt lighter.

What was unusual is what happened over the next thirty two days. We had not had the chance to meet up with her in a little over a month and finally got in touch with her. When we met with her, her voice was different, her countenance was different and she was beaming! We couldn’t quite place the dramatic change, but found out when her sister (who has yet to meet the Lord) told us what was going on. Get this, in thirty two days; she had lost over 50 pounds! That’s over one and a half pounds a day! We asked her about her diet and she told us that she was eating, just not as much as she used to, but the pounds were just falling off of her! This was a witness to the rest of the family and her sister was remarking about the power of God, even to lose weight! This opened the door for us to come back and have a house church with their family. Good fruit!

Miracle weight loss and the blind seeing…What’s next?

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