Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Man, we love these football games! Last week, we had an explosion of God at a football game and this week we had another! We had healings, miracles, people shaking under the power of God and kids getting born again. We had a guy get baptized in the Holy Ghost, surrounded by a crowd of curious onlookers. I remind you that all of this happened in a middle class, suburban high school in the Bible belt of America. Just don’t tell me that God can’t move like that here, we have proof to the contrary!

We got to the church about 6pm, intent on seeking the Lord and soaking in the presence of God. We do this before every one of our outreaches. It reminds us that God is God and we are His people. It reminds us that the power we walk in flows out of intimacy with God. It’s a great time to get washed of the contamination of this world, clear our minds of all earthly garbage, focus on the Lord, tell Jesus how much we love Him and get filled with His glory. We also have been seeking the Lord about His purposes for the outreaches. Several times, we have been given words of knowledge and visions concerning what would happen on the outreach while in the prayer room!

We head out and arrive at a local high school game. This is a division championship game, so the place is packed out. There are ten of us, so we split into three groups of three with me as a floater, going between the groups. It took nearly an hour to get settled and find some people that weren’t running all over the place. Unlike last week, most of our groups had little excitement following the preaching and prophesying. We would walk up to a group of kids; tell them that they needed to repent for the Kingdom of God is on the earth and start prophesying over them. Last week, doing this would have drawn a crowd, but this week the response was, “Thank you very much” and they would turn away. But we kept going, hoping for a breakthrough.

At the football game, there were two crowds of people out of the stands, just hanging out. One was a group of high school kids and the other was a group of middle school kids. David, Erin and Sarah were over by the middle school kids. David, who is nearly thirty, felt out of place with such a younger crowd, so he sent the girls, ages 17 and 15 in there to bring heaven down. So check this out; A couple of girls on our team, Erin and Sarah, weren’t able to come out the week before and after hearing the stories of what happened, they felt like they really missed something. Well, Jesus made up what they missed in a just a few minutes.

They see a guy with a broken hand and go over to him, telling him that Jesus will heal his hand. Several of his friends are over there with him, just mocking away. They put up such resistance that the girls didn’t get a chance to pray for him and the group splits up in several different directions. A few minutes later, they find the kid with the broken hand again and get him to agree for them to pray. They have him check his mobility and pain and he shows them where it really hurts for anyone to touch it. His mocking friends gather again, but before they are able to break it up, they pray and God heals the hand instantly! All pain and 100% mobility return in a minute! Now, instead of mocking, the girls are besieged with people asking them to pray for hands, knees and arms. In just a few minutes of praying, six people are instantly healed!

They now command a small crowd of kids and start to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. One of the kids is a rank heathen who doesn’t know anything about Jesus and after preaching the Gospel, the girls tell him, “You have got to give your life to Jesus!” He agrees, but is a bit embarrassed when the girls tell him to get down on his knees and make a public declaration. So what do they do? They get his whole “posse” to rededicate/give their lives to Jesus right then and there!

***Editors Note: This is where I came in, being with another group. This was towards the end of the night, as the football game was letting out. I and the rest of our group go looking for David, Erin and Sarah when I come across a big group of kids on their knees on the pavement! The highlight of the night for me had to be seeing a group of ten kids on their knees, in front of their friends, unashamedly giving their lives to Jesus. ***End Editors Note

After receiving Jesus as King and Lord, the girls tell them that they will need the Holy Ghost to walk with God. They tell them that they are going to pray with them and they will receive the Holy Spirit. The girls go around the group of 10-12 kids, grab them by the hands and say, “Holy Spirit, come.” The kids get blasted by the power of God and start falling over, shaking and manifesting all over the place! Erin was telling me that a couple of these kids had never been in church, so you knew they weren’t faking it. They had never seen this kind of thing before!

Of course, a religious demon manifests in a lady that comes up saying, “What are you guys doing?” David takes her to the side and neutralizes her effectively while Erin, Sarah and now Jordan continue to explain the Kingdom of God to them. We ended the night with six instant healings, a bunch of prophetic words given, another kid getting filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues and then the ten kids getting born again and filled with the Holy Spirit!

So, what did you do Friday night?

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