Wednesday, January 25, 2006

California Trip Report

I know the updates have been sparse since the end of the year, but it’s not because there isn’t anything going on! The miracles, healings, signs, wonders and salvations continue. God is still delivering the oppressed and saving unbelievers. We finished 2005 by getting into 15 neighborhoods and since the end of last year we have been having meetings with new believers, strengthening the work and consolidating our efforts. My family was also able to take a week’s vacation after Christmas and enjoy a much needed break from the action. Ministry and revival is work, make no mistake about it!

Several months ago we received an invitation from friends of ours in California to come out for a weekend, go out on the streets and do a few meetings with them. These are the same guys we hooked up with last August and we really feel a connection in the Spirit. We just returned from the trip and while exhausted, we are thrilled at what the Lord did on the trip. Lots of healings, salvations and a whole bunch of Christians ignited with the fire, power and glory of God.


Actually, while we were there, in every ministry opportunity, the fire of God was the theme and the manifestation. The ministry times in the meetings were CRAZY as the fire of God fell again and again. Without even praying for people’s healing, they were getting healed. I believe that several deaf ears opened and many injuries were healed instantly. On top of that, a cool thing happened on the morning we left. Wildfires broke out in and around the area(s) we were in while in town, aided by strong desert winds. These winds and fires burnt houses down, ignited brush fires, overturned big rigs on the highway and in one town we did an outreach in, palm branches were ripped from the trees and covered the ground. Sound familiar? (John 12:13) We thought so too. The best part was that there were no injuries reported.

I actually believe that it was a token and a sign that the Lord is really coming in a powerful way to Southern California. The fire of God will break out and burn the brush and refuse. The winds will blow and topple all the “big rigs” on the highways. I believe that this speaks of the highway of holiness in Isaiah 35:8 and the “big rigs” represent the large ministry vehicles that right now, are just cluttering things up. The palm branches went down on the road before Jesus came entered Jerusalem and they went down in Santa Ana last night. Jesus is coming to town and the good news is that He is bringing His Kingdom with Him!


On of the coolest things I personally witnessed on the trip was watching the Lord undo literally generations of the enemies work in a few minutes. One of the nights we were there, we went with the team from the church on one of their regular Friday night outreaches. They go to a local outdoor mall where several thousand people will gather and mill around on a typical weekend night. It’s an awesome opportunity as literally dozens of nations and religions are represented in their demographic. Everyone from psychics, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists are there to greet you and your message of the Kingdom. We’re actually jealous and would love a place like that in the Atlanta area.

While cruising the mall, we ran across a group of Asian kids. A couple people on our team started talking to them and telling them about the Kingdom of God. They were pretty receptive, although a bit freaked out at our boldness. We found out that several of them were Buddhists by upbringing. They were raised in a family where generations have believed, lived and died as Buddhists. They started with this “there are many ways to God” attitude when we first started talking to them, but quickly, the Holy Spirit changed their mind (repentance).

The Lord gave us a few words of knowledge about their personal giftings and callings that got their attention, but what really “sealed the deal” was the manifestation of the power of God. While I was talking to them, I got hit by the power of God and was getting drunk in the Spirit. I couldn’t help it, it just happened! They were noticing my speech start to slur and my body bobbing and rocking “under the influence”, so I simply asked them, “want to feel something cool?” They were like, “Sure”. So I and the lady I was with put our hands on them and released the power of God. One of the guys looked at the hand that was laid on his shoulder with these huge, wide eyes. He said, “It’s REALLY hot!” The guy I was praying for instantly got super light headed and starting bobbing and rocking just like me. I asked him what he was feeling and he slurred (imagine talking to a drunk) “szzzlight … ummm-headed?” I said, “It’s good isn’t it?” He said, “Ohhh yeah!”

I jumped all over the opportunity and asked them if they ever got a demonstration like this from Buddha. I asked them if a Buddhist had ever read their mail prophetically and released a tangible manifestation of power on them. They said emphatically, “No way!” I started telling them that this whole “there are many ways to God thing” is totally wrong. I told them that Jesus was the One who showed us things about them prophetically and that Jesus was the One who was manifesting His power. I also told them that Jesus said Himself that He was the only Way to God. I told them that Jesus claimed, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, NO ONE comes to the Father but by Me.” I then told them that either Jesus was a liar and a nut, or He really was the One and Only way to God! I emphasized that by simply stating, “What you have been told was wrong. You have got to change the way you are thinking.” They nodded in agreement and we were able to lead them to Jesus right them and there.

We didn’t have to bend their arm, we didn’t have to convince or argue, we just simply demonstrated the power of God and they fell to the Gospel like wheat to a sickle. Generations of the devils work were undone in a few minutes.

Ex-Buddhists. I really like the sound of that.


Nikolaj said...

Hmm, but I wonder, how will they get trough the tough times if they only know the spirits as something that gives a 'cool feeling'.

I'm not saying that God didn't work. Just hoping that you really explained it all clear and that they didn't just convert because 'God did something cool'.

I love your boldness and willingness, keep it going! The fire burns!

Pamela Stallworth said...

Keep up the great work! The Lord will take care of them through tough times just like He has with us. That is His responsibility, not ours. Ours is to tell them the truth and be there to help get them into the kingdom. Obedience is our job. Blessings, Pam