Tuesday, January 31, 2006

God’s Secret Weapon

Did you know that God has a secret weapon? A force so powerful that it routs the Kingdom of Darkness. Its strength is in the element of surprise. The enemy never sees it coming and by the time he understands what’s happening, it’s too late. I’m talking about a NewBreed of Christians that will cut their teeth on destroying the works of the enemy. I’m talking about an army of trained Mighty Warriors that live to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. The best part is - they’re kids. Little guys anointed with the same Holy Ghost that raised Jesus from the dead. When you unleash them on the powers of darkness, they win. The element of surprise and their simple faith is so potent that the enemy doesn’t stand a chance.

From the beginning, the enemy has feared the young warriors. That’s why he had the children slaughtered in the time of Moses and time of Jesus. That’s why he’s slaughtering them today through abortion. He fears a deliver. More than that, he fears an army of powerfully anointed deliverers. But they have escaped slaughter and the Lord is raising an army of Mighty Young Warriors. We saw a taste of what they can do this Sunday.

For years we have had kids serve in every area of church life. They can’t drive a car or even stand tall enough to see over the steering wheel, but they can get you healed and delivered! We have a bunch of testimonies of the result of kids’ prayers in prayer lines and in our children’s ministry classrooms. Most of our outreach crew is young people, but teenagers, not the kids I am talking about here. We’ve even taken our kids out to “safer” places like the malls and grocery stores. They have done miracles and healed the sick. My friend David Walters calls it the “Laying on of Sticky Fingers”.

But this week I decided to up the ante. I wanted to see how some of our kids would function in a hard core ministry situation. How would they do in downtown Atlanta? How would they fare against incurable diseases? They’ve done great with church folks and buttoned up suburban types, but what about drug addicts, prostitutes and the insane? Would they wilt under the heat or shine like the sun?

They did awesome. In my group alone, we saw 7 miracles in under an hour. Everyone we prayed for except one received an instantaneous healing. Pain left, cripples walked and the poor had the good news preached to them. Two of the better miracles we saw were both people crippled by disease.

The first lady was probably in her forties. She was totally jacked on some drug and obviously mentally unstable. She had a nice, shiny new walker that she was using and we found out it was due to a blood clot in her leg. Several days before, she noticed swelling in her leg, followed by severe pain and immobility. Since them, she had only been able to walk with great difficulty. I told her about this great Kingdom of God where there are no walkers and severe pain and asked if the kids could pray for her. Her pain was a 10 on a 10 point scale.

The kids prayed, calling down the fire of God to burn out the clot, rebuking pain and commanding life into her legs. She started to crumple under the power of God and when we asked her where the pain was at she said, “I feel MUCH better!” When we had her check the pain, it was at a 4, down 60%! We prayed again and she again wilted under the power of God. When she checked it this time, the pain was at a 2. We prayed one final time and all of the pain left her body. The kids with me asked her to stand and with a little help at first, she got up and walked! Another one of our teams also prayed for her and got her delivered of some demons but before we left, we witnessed her walking perfectly WITHOUT THE WALKER!

A guy at the bus stop where we were praying for the lady with the walker asked what we were doing. While the kids prayed, I told him about the Kingdom of God and how all pain and disease will go when the kids pray for him. He said he was already born again and quickly asked for prayer. He told us that he had a lump in his chest that was causing severe pain. The doctors had yet to find out what it was, but you could tell that the guy was freaking out, probably thinking it was cancer. The kids laid their hands on him and he started swaying under their touch. He instantly broke out into a sweat. I asked him what was happening and he told me that he was getting very hot. I said, “Heat is good!” and the kids continued to pray. He had to sit down and when he did, he turned green. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he was very nauseous. I recognized this as spirits of death and fear and told the kids to cast it out! They cast out the devil and his color and countenance returned to normal. When we asked about his pain, we found that it was all gone!

A few minutes later, we saw an elderly woman walking up the sidewalk with the aid of a cane. She was taking forever just to make a few steps and was in obvious pain. We asked her what was going on and she told us it was rheumatoid arthritis in both her legs, but it had nearly crippled her right leg. She was in a lot of pain and rated her pain at 7 out of 10. I told her that we had just seen God heal several people minutes ago and told her about the Kingdom of God. She was a believer and she joined us as we prayed. The kids called down the fire of God, rebuked the arthritis and pain and the lady started praying in tongues! It was great; there we all were on the sidewalk, having a Holy Ghost Hoedown! We had her check the pain and she rated it at a 2! We asked if we could pray again and she agreed. The kids fired it up again and lady almost fell out in the Spirit, I actually had to prop her up as they prayed! We had her check again and all the pain was gone! She still had a very slight limp, but that was due to her crooked legs, not pain. We asked her to walk and she walked away, pain free and zipped right up the sidewalk.

PS – For some reason, neither the lady with the walker nor the lady with the cane would allow us to have their instruments of death. I’m still not sure why. Maybe they plan on getting sick again?

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JB said...

You know Ryan, This absolutely stirs me to my toe nails! I plan on visiting you guys soon and do some street ministry with you folks.