Monday, October 30, 2006

On The Road Again…

I have a way cool testimony for you. This one will be a quick update.

Truthfully, our outreach schedule has lessened of late; we’re only doing 3 outreaches a week instead of our regular 5-6. Translation: Less time spent preaching to unbelievers = fewer miracle stories. But its okay, many of us needed a break as we were approaching burnout after investing heavily into a bunch of folks that wouldn’t change! Rick Joyner says it like this: “The moment you stop learning and being teachable is the moment that you cease to be a disciple (pupil, student) of the Lord”. The wall we ran into over the last year or so is that folks who were so grateful and tender to the Holy Spirit just months ago have now hardened as they did not choose obedience to the Word of God over their opinion and lifestyle. People like that get hard instead of tender and refuse change over staying right where they are.

So, we’re on the hunt for teachable, tender people that will run with hunger and fire with the Kingdom of God. Is that you?

Over the last couple of years, we have been to a few places in Georgia and around the southeast, imparting what the Lord has taught us to whoever will listen and run with it! This stuff is easy and once you get a change of thinking, the results are normally fantastic. Anyone and everyone can be used by God to bring the Kingdom of God here to earth! All that it takes is a willing, teachable heart and a little bit of faith (spelled R.I.S.K.).

Our buddies at Morningstar Ministries near Charlotte, North Carolina have a great school of ministry there at the old Heritage USA grounds in Fort Mill, South Carolina. For years we have been fed by the teaching and prophetic ministry that’s come from them. In fact, both Pastor Marc and I are part of their Fellowship of Ministries. But after hearing what the Lord has been doing here, they decided that they want some of what we have! We were thrilled to be able to give back to a ministry that’s given so much to us and stood with us when things weren’t that great. So Pastor Marc and I went up there last week and had a great time teaching students, imparting boldness and stirring up believers to walk in the supernatural power of God and destroy the works of the enemy!

Probably the coolest thing that happened was some of the students taking what they heard to the streets after the morning class that we preached. They went out in a group to the place with the most people that they could think of: Wal-Mart. They wandered the aisles looking for an opportunity to bring the Kingdom of God and guess what? They found some!

The first person they [rayed for had something wrong with her leg. If I remember correctly, she had a brace and everything. She was in severe pain and had extremely limited mobility, from an injury, I believe. So the young people from the Ministry School went up to her, asked her what was wrong and said “Hey, can we pray for you?” As they did, the Fire of God came on the lady and the pain left her leg. In no time at all, they had her demonstrating her healing by doing things that she couldn’t do before without pain! And in the Wal-Mart aisles!

But that’s not even the coolest thing that happened.

A lady came walking in and they all noticed her. She was wearing an Indian head dress and a leather vest with all sorts of marking on it. She stood out like a sore thumb! So this lady overheard them praying for the lady with the leg and asked for prayer for herself. They prayed for something (I can’t remember what it was now) that was relatively minor and the Lord touched her. Seeing that this stuff is real, she sheepishly told them that she has terrible vision and can barely see her hand in front of her face. In fact, they later found out that when she goes shopping at Wal-Mart, the manager has an employee literally lead her by the hand and go shopping with her, because her vision is so poor!

So the students all gather around, asking the God who invades the impossible to invade the impossible and grant this woman her eyesight. They told us later that they were so scared they could barely pray, but pray they did! As they prayed, they all felt a tangible anointing come on them and they all starting praying with boldness and faith, right there in the store! They asked the lady what was happening and she said that her eyes felt hot. As they continued to pray for her, the heat increased. When she finally opened her eyes, she could see all the way down the aisle! Her vision was absolutely perfect! She was rejoicing, the students were rejoicing and even the Wal-Mart employees were rejoicing. They had a little worship service right there in the aisle and brought the incredible testimony of God opening blind eyes in the aisle of Wal-Mart back to the School of the Spirit meeting that night!

See, God will even use noobs that trust him…

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