Saturday, November 04, 2006

AMAZING Testimony!

I just got an amazing testimony from last night’s football outreach in my email. Normally we send out a couple of different teams to two or three different local high school football games. At the game I went to, other than preaching the Gospel to a group of kids, there really wasn’t anything remarkable that happened. That wasn’t the story with the other group that went out at all. In fact, they had an absolute blowout!

Here’s the testimony straight from Sarah (who by the way is 16 years old).



Okay, so I was at the
Roswell game with David and Jason… For the first hour maybe, it pretty much sucked…nothing was happening. So David asked if I would feel comfortable going into a crowd by myself and I said, “Sure, why not?”

I jumped into a crowd of maybe 15-20 kids. I told them that Jesus is King and that He had told me some stuff about them (which He hadn’t yet), and I asked them if they wanted to hear it. They said, “Sure”. All of a sudden, I was giving prophetic word after prophetic word, and the kids kept bringing all their friends to me… It was insane!

So then, I was like well all of these kid are going to walk away and not get born again, and that’s not cool. So I told this boy who really wanted to get born again to go around the crowd and ask everyone if they wanted to do it too… He got maybe 12-13 kids, and they all got on their knees and gave their lives to the Lord!

That happened over and over again. The second group of kids that got born again was like five or six and the third group was like eleven or twelve! After that every kid who came up to me to get prophesied over ended up getting born again!

Then this kid who had gotten born again a little earlier, got on his knees again when I was getting a different group of kids born again…I was like ok, what is this all about…Then as I was telling all these kid’s to repeat what I say, he starts telling them what to say!

He led a group of kids to the Lord!!!!!!! Then he saw me calling the fire of God down on all these kids, and he in awe…so I called the fire of God down on him, and he almost fell back! After that, I told Him he could do what I was doing, and told him to just lay his hand on someone and say ”Fire of God”, over and over again… He laid his hands on like the very next kid who came up, and the kid he was praying for really felt the fire of God…The guy who was praying started jumping up and down he was so excited…He then laid hands on like everyone else who came up to us!!!!!!!!



All in all about 40 kids gave their lives to the Lord by literally bowing their knees in front of all of their friends and family, making a public declaration that Jesus is now their King! Then, our team (and a new believer) laid hands on them imparting the Holy Spirit and His fire.

What’s cool is that they started with a dud and ended with a bang. They pressed through and saw a breakthrough. Maybe if our team would have pressed through, we would have seen something similar?

I also love that Sarah really didn’t have anything prophetically, but in faith stated that she did. Just knowing that it is the Lord’s heart to speak over the lost was enough to start the prophetic flow! Lots of folks ask us all the time how we get the prophetic stuff and that’s a good example. Many times we have nothing whatsoever; we just step out in faith!

More often than not, God covers our backs!


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Blessed be the God of our fathers."It is good that I leave that the comforter may come" As we move out in faith and are do'ers of the word and not just hearers the Holy Spirit has to act in only the way heaven and God the father has commanded him to do. Having put on the whole armor of God and having done all stand. Blessing honor and glory belong to God the Father of us all.
Bro. Raven