Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On the Homefront

So much has happened recently here at our home church that it’s difficult to keep up with. So what I’ll do is just tell you what we have been doing recently in our community and let you in on some of the miracles.


First of all, in the last couple of weeks we have made a transition from a routine we developed in the last couple of years of visiting local area trailer parks. We made the change because we realized that many of the people that we have been ministering to over the last couple of years do not have a hunger for more than just a “blessing” at their door. They would happily receive us and receive their healing, deliverance or salvation, but when it came time for them to make changes and pick up their cross and walk with Jesus, they simply didn’t want to move.

Over the last few weeks we have been going through all of our neighborhoods and trailer parks that we have been in over the last couple of year sand pretty much finding more of the same; very little spiritual hunger. You can tell these people everything about themselves through prophetic words, get them healed of impossible sicknesses and diseases or get them delivered of things that have hounded them for decades and it doesn’t seem to make a dent in their religious mindsets. When it comes time for sacrifice, serving Jesus, going to church, reading the Bible, worshiping God, etc. they fall flat.

So we have been scouring our community for another demographic to preach the Gospel to and give them a chance to respond and change! We have annihilated the poor, white trailer folk that dominate the Woodstock area and are making progress in the poor Spanish speaking communities little by little. So what does that leave us with? Government housing, otherwise known as, the Hood!
I’m excited as we have gotten in there over the last couple of weeks. In many of our outreaches in south and central Atlanta, we have had great results in the hood and I am looking forward to seeing what these folks will do with the Gospel. Already we have had salvations and miracles, but I am looking forward to the stories of disciples coming out of the Hood!

Now, on to some of the recent miracles…


On one of our recent outreaches into a local trailer park (and probably one of the last visits we will make there for awhile) we encountered a family of good Baptist people that didn’t really believe in miracles and the supernatural. However, they told us that their son (who was sitting right there) was epileptic and has seizures every day. Their discomfort towards miraculous healing was obvious, so we went about it by saying, “so, do you believe that God answers prayer?” “Of course we do! God’s answered lots of our prayers!” they replied. We responded, “Well, here’s how it works. We ask God to heal your son (we actually don’t ask God to heal the sick, we just heal the sick) and if He answers our prayer, then he will be healed!” They all agreed and allowed us to pray for the boy. He was maybe about 8-9 years old.

Then they said, “While you’re at it, Grandpa lives in the trailer next door and he is diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder, you need to pray for him!” So we went next door and asked Grandpa what the symptoms of the Bi-polar disorder were and he said that he had severe depression and he heard voices all the time! He allowed us to pray for him and as we prayed, the Presence of God descended on Him. His entire countenance changed as we proclaimed freedom over him.

Fast forward two weeks. We went back to check on them and we find the young boy who had epilepsy and ask how he has been. “Great! Not one seizure in two weeks! He’s been well since you prayed for him!” They said it so matter of factly that you could have missed the miracle! So we went next door and checked on Grandpa. He came to the door and you could SEE the difference! He looked like a different person! I asked him how he was and he said, “Great! I have been happy every day and not depressed at all”. “What about the voices?” (Mind you, this was a guy who couldn’t sleep because the voices would haunt him 24 hours a day.) “No voices” he said.

Epilepsy and Bi-Polar disorder, healed by the blood of Jesus!


This isn’t the first one of these that we have seen in the last couple of years, but it is pretty dramatic…
A woman in our church prayed for a lady who was suffering with problems with diabetes and other thyroid conditions. She was overweight and having difficulty losing weight. This happened two months ago. The lady from our church saw her at an appointment and was shocked at the transformation. The lady she had prayed for had lost 50 pounds in two months, all while eating normally!


One of the gentlemen in our church works for a local cable company. He was at a client’s house and was having to inform them that their cable would be cut off due to improper installation. His sales training at the company conditioned him to never take no for an answer; "everyone needs cable" is their mantra. When he informed the lady that their cable was going to be cut off she said, "Go ahead and cut it off, I'm legally blind and can't watch it anyway." Inspired by his sales training his immediate response was, "That's no problem, we can take care of that". He then realized what he had just said and then inspired by the Holy Ghost went on to say, "Let me pray for you." She allowed him inside of the home and laid hands on the woman, praying for the complete restoration of her sight. After prayer, she opened her eyes and said, "I can see!" After verifying the miracle and praising God, he went on to complete the sale!

Now that’s service!


Nikolaj said...

Be carefull not to portray Jesus as the Miracle Doctor only. I think it is important to directly follow up the miracles with teaching and guidance.

I remember your first part of the blogs, where house-churches sprung up like mushrooms. That's what is important! The teachings. (does that still happen?) People can be healed, but have no idea who their Healer is. And slowly in their minds He'll become some kind of Santa Claus. (wich is not the case!)

XAN said...

I think that it is great qwhat you are doing. I am especially excited about your newest mission into the "hood". We are an outreach ministry, so I can relate to seeing people be very nonchalant about God. It can be very discouraging. Keep up the good work and be encouraged. We are praying for you here in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Hey they are now just into getting people healed and delivered. They are into discipling and I have seen this first hand. Just wanted to clear that up. There is teaching and guidance incorporated in the ministry that they are doing.

Much Love in Christ

NotBAMMEDYet said...

What about Todd B. and Bob J.