Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Update On Edouard

I’ve had many people asking me about how Edouard is doing since we returned from the Congo last month. We have been in constant contact with Edouard and just recently have received some disturbing updates, full of both good and bad news. First I will tell the good news.

The good news is that Edouard and his church are doing the Gospel! Almost every day there are reports of miracles, healings and salvations. Edouard reports that since we left and the persecution that followed, several uncommitted members of his church have left. However in a very short period of time, their absence has been filled with highly committed and highly motivated new converts! Several in his church have taken what we brought them to heart and now bringing the kingdom is part of their daily lives! The pastors that were there when we were have taken the Gospel of the Kingdom to their cities and the work is growing!

Here are a few recent testimonies that Edouard told to David:

Recently, a lady came to Edouard that had severe stomach pain. It was so painful that if you touched her belly she would writhe in agony. Edouard told her the Gospel of the Kingdom and as soon as he finished telling her he asked her to check her belly for pain. The pain was instantly gone. He said he did not even have to pray, the Gospel was enough. Another woman was having severe ankle problems and Edouard asked one of his leaders to pray for the young lady. When she prayed the lady was instantly healed.

A young man who had suffered with a severe case of malaria was brought by his family to the church because his fever was so high that it was scorching to the touch. He had also showed many signs of madness. If this man did not receive healing, he would be dead in a short while. They rebuked the fever and it instantly left. They also cast out the devil that was causing the madness. That night he stayed in Edouard's house so that they could watch him. His sanity returned and he was miraculously healed.

Edouard found a man who he said was surrounded constantly by calamity. Nothing seemed to go right with this man; he was constantly sick, terrified, and stolen from. When Edouard and one of his leaders began to pray for him, the form of a man appeared in the room! The form of the man said "This man is mine, he belongs to me, leave him alone!" The man quickly acknowledged that he had been controlled by this witch doctor for years. Edouard rebuked the manifestation saying that this man now belonged to Jesus and the man was instantly delivered and has already begun to show fruit.

So, all in all, the Gospel has been rolling forward, full steam ahead! But this has not come without a price. The enemy has stepped up his attacks on Edouard and launched a full frontal assault to abort the move of God there.

The bad news is that Edouard has had to fight for his life. I already told you of how he lost his only child to the attack of the enemy that his wife had left him and his church was destroyed. As of this moment, his wife still has not returned and they have had to look for a different place to meet. Ultimately they need to purchase their own compound so that they can have a base that is protected and we are praying about how we can help them do this.

Immediately after our departure, the persecution increased. The accusations that Edouard and his church were involved in witchcraft reached ridiculous levels. People all over their city are calling them names and persecuting them. This did two things; it sent the uncommitted church folks packing and strengthened the rest of the church. What we don’t talk about here in the west, but what is known all over the world is that the persecuted church is the strongest church, so the enemy’s plan backfired. Edouard was actually brought to court on charges that he was practicing witchcraft, which is just crazy! He was cleared on that charge, but it did cost him a great deal of money to defend himself.

His wife still hasn’t come back. In fact, she recently has gone on the attack, rallying her family members in opposition to her husband, accusing him of witchcraft. What’s ironic is that many in her family are involved in witchcraft themselves. Since the accusations of witchcraft have not succeeded, she has switched her accusations to something even more debased. Now, Edouard’s wife is rallying her family to accuse Edouard of selling corpses to us Americans! Edouard had the authorities come and accuse him of this and he actually had to take them to the grave site of his son! He is now embroiled in his defense to clear him of the latest charges and needs our help!

Edouard’s integrity is above reproach. He has proven that he will not back down from opposition, but has pressed in regardless of the situation he is facing. He is already planning on reaching other areas near Brazzaville and wants us to come back soon! Throughout all of this, he needs our support, in prayer and in finances. So I am asking you two things:

#1 - Would you commit to pray for Edouard and the work in the Congo?
If so, let me know by replying to this posting.

#2 – Would you consider donating to help Edouard financially?
His recent legal defenses (for the sake of the Gospel) are costing him money that he doesn’t have and he could use our help. We have a system for him to get 100% of the money securely. He could really use regular monthly support, as well as a one time gift, whatever you can do.

*You will be giving through NorthGate Church of Atlanta Inc. which is legally registered as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Donations are tax deductible and you will receive an official giving statement for all contributions over $50.

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Sarah said...

I will pray for Edouard.

Shane said...

I will join you in prayer for Edouard

David said...

I will pray for Eduoard too. Let me know if there are any other specific things to pray for.

Nikolaj said...

I'll pray aswell.

Next weekend our youthgroup will have an organised prayermeeting. I've been asked to 'lead' it (the Spirit will). So I'll integrate it there aswell.

Ephesians 6:18
"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;"

The Congo was our Colony before it's indipendance aswell. Belgium prays!