Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jesus walks the streets...

Saturday Morning Report
March 5th, 2005

Changing things up a tad, we decided to soak in the presence of the Lord while we drove downtown to mix with the poor. We were intent on taking the Gospel of the Kingdom with healings, signs, wonders and miracles following to the neediest of the needy, the poor and homeless of Atlanta. We arrived juiced and expectant as to what the Lord would do and we were not disappointed at all! We preached and we prayed for several people, all of which were believers and confessed Jesus as King and Lord.

A man with a cane and a very noticeable limp walked towards us, we went over to him and asked him what’s wrong. “My leg” he told us. “What, do you have pain?” I asked him. “All the time” he said. I asked if we could pray for him and he agreed. We told him that God’s Kingdom, or rule and reign was on the earth and that Jesus is King! He heartily agreed and claimed to be a believer. “You’ve heard the Lord’s Prayer then?” we asked him. “Sure” he replied. “In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus asked His Father, let Your kingdom come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. You want to go to Heaven because you know that when you get there, you won’t have any pain, right?” Yup. “Well, Jesus prayed that Heaven would come to earth. If He has His way, your fell no pain, right now”. “Ok” he agreed.

So, we began to pray, “In Jesus name, be healed!” We asked him how it was and he told us that it was 60% better. “Well, 60% in one minute is pretty good, I wonder how we could do if we prayed for two minutes. Let’s pray again”. We continued to pray and asked him a minute later how it was, “About 90%”, he said. Almost there! We prayed one last time and a smile broke out across his face. “Check it”, we told him. “It’s better!” he said. All of the pain had left his leg and he was ecstatic! He started moving and checking it, walking up and down the sidewalk.

A lady went limping by, stopped and was watching intently. She wanted in on the power of God! She walked up as the guy went happily hopping down the sidewalk, moving his newly healed leg all around. “My leg is hurt too” she said. We gave her the good news of the kingdom and told her that what happened to this guy could happen to her too. Her left knee was all swollen and stiff with rheumatoid arthritis; she told us that it hurts all the time and sometimes she can barely even walk. “Let’s pray” we told her. We started to pray and in about 3 minutes, her leg was completely healed! All the pain, swelling and stiffness were completely gone! “Wow! Thank you so much”. She promised us that she was a believer and also that she would give away what God had given her.

Good day.

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