Saturday, March 05, 2005

The power of God leads to salvation...

Friday Night Report
March 4th, 2005

Fired up and ready to go, we soaked, basked, baked and sautéed in the Lord’s presence, intent on seeing the powers of the Kingdom flow through us. Lord Jesus, let our lives, hands, eyes and ears be a clear channel through which Your great power can flow!

Driving up to the parking lot with the kids, it was obvious something was up. There were a lot more kids out there than normal and the atmosphere was electric! We wade into the fray, looking for a “God Encounter”.

There was a group of Portuguese guys hanging out with some hot rods. They saw us approach and started talking to themselves, pointing and mocking. We already have quite a reputation out there and people are either afraid of us or mock us. These guys were mocking us and that provoked me something fierce. I lock eyes with the big guy in the front of the group and start walking towards him. He can’t believe that I am coming towards him and they start really laughing and mocking.

I walk up to him and introduce myself, but it’s obvious that they are just playing with us. Through the broken English they fire a couple little barbs our way, not even trying to conceal their disdain. I ask them if they speak Spanish, they say yes. I reply with, “El reino de Dios esta aqui!” (The kingdom of God is at hand!), which is the only Spanish phrase I know. They laugh and we start into them. I tell the big guy, Junior that I have something for him from the Lord, but does he want to hear it. He gets real nervous and starts backing off. I taunt him with, “What are you scared of, chicken!” That’s enough to inspire a little courage and he agrees to hear what we have to say.

We start telling him what the Lord shows us, simple stuff about creative gifts in his life. It’s obvious that the words are hitting the mark and he crumples into the car he’s leaning on, like the wind was getting knocked out of him. We admonish him to serve God with His gifts instead of serving himself. He’s very serious now, listening intently to what we have to say. He calls over a couple of his friends that don’t speak good English and he starts to translate as we tell these guys things about their destiny and purpose. We work over two of his friend’s real well and go back to Junior. I flat out tell him that he needs to give his life to Jesus and he agrees. We pray with him right then and there and he commits his life to Jesus, the power of God breaking through!

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