Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Miraculous healing through a word of prophecy!

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We didn't get a chance to go out on outreach this week as several folks from our team were out of town. Right before I left town however, I received this testimony from a lady in our church. This is a spectacular healing through a word of prophecy. Notice that the healing didn't take place until the person receiving prayer did what they were told to do in the prophecy. Notice also that even though several months passed between the time of prayer and prophecy, the power of God that arrived on the scene was no less potent.

Jesus is King!



I called you today to tell you some great news!

Several months ago in Nashville, several people from the church prayed for my Mom’s boyfriend Larry. He had some problems with addiction, Emphysema, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Liver Disease and Hepatitis C.

When we prayed for him, he felt heat over his chest. I prophesied to my mom that the Lord would heal him, but that he would have to stop smoking first. Well lately he has been getting a lot worse. In fact, he’s been so bad that he is no longer responding to breathing treatments. The doctors told him that there was nothing more they could do because his lungs were almost completely deteriorated. The doctor rated his lung capacity at 0% and he was referred to a pulmonologist.

After this report, my Mom told him that she wouldn’t buy him cigarettes anymore. This was two weeks ago. Immediately after giving up cigarettes, he started vomiting and coughing up a bunch of junk. Yesterday, he went to the pulmonologist; the appointment was to get him set up on oxygen at home.

After examining him, the doctor told him that he didn’t understand what was going on. Larry explained that he felt better since he quit smoking. The doctor told him that he had never seen a case like his before. The doctor told him that emphysema didn’t go away just because you stopped smoking, there is no cure. The doctor then told him that he no longer had asthma or emphysema and that his lung capacity was 84% !!

After that appointment, Larry went to back to his liver specialist for further tests on his liver disease and Hepatitis C. At his last visit, his enzyme level was at 9000 (dangerously, deathly high) They checked him yesterday and he was negative zero! They told him that they didn’t know why, but he is showing absolutely no symptoms whatsoever of Hepatitis C! They drew five tubes of blood and are doing a bunch of tests to try and explain.

When he heard this report, he remembered what I said (the Lord would heal him, but that he would have to stop smoking first) and was speechless. I told her to tell Jesus thank you!


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