Wednesday, October 03, 2007

UMT Intensive Report – Week 1

Well, this last Friday and Saturday we began our 6-week UMT High School/College Intensive and it started with a bang! Over the weekend of equipping and activation we had two astounding miracles occur.

Here’s what happened:

We’ve learned over the last couple of years that it’s not the amount of or quality of spiritual information that Christians have, but rather the amount they are actively putting into practice. All Christians have heard the Lord’s Prayer, yet few are actively doing what the Lord instructed us, His disciples to do. His instructions start with:

“Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name,
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven…”

The Lord actually told us to pray the will and Kingdom of God, as they are manifested in heaven would come to earth! When Heaven comes to earth, miracles are the result. Impossibility bows in the name of Jesus as possibility takes its place. Our prayer and our mandate as believers is to bring heaven to earth! This is what we preached on and taught on both Friday night and Saturday morning. But all that information means nothing unless we are ready and willing to put it into practice! This is why we go out and do outreaches as part of our equipping...

So, our team, comprised of business men, house moms, grandmas and students divided up into teams and headed into the inner city to preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons. We go downtown because it’s what I call a “target rich environment”. The teams are instructed ahead of time to spread out and find anyone with a visible ailment, be it casts, canes, crutches, wheelchairs, braces and even a good limp! We then tell them that the Kingdom of God is at hand and then get them healed!

One of our teams was at a local hospital. While there, they encountered a woman who recently had a stroke and lost use of her right side. She was getting some of the use of her limbs back, but since the stroke her right eye had been blinded. All that she could see was colors; she could make no distinction of shapes, etc. The team told her that there are no blind eyes in Heaven and that if Heaven came to her body, she would be healed! They asked if they could pray and she agreed.

As they prayed, they asked her what was happening. She responded that something was going on and that she was starting to see shapes. Like Jesus in the Bible, they prayed for her sight again. This time she started to get excited! The first words out of her mouth were, "They are going to think I was lying to them in the hospital!" The team had her cover her good eye and started checking the bad eye, holding up fingers in front of her. She quickly called them out without any problem. They backed up and got about 12 feet from her and she continued to make the distinction of shapes as her vision was completely restored!

MIRACLES #2 & #3
I was with a couple other team members and we were in a local area park that is frequented by the homeless. While there, we encountered a gentleman who had recently been bitten by a brown recluse spider. The venom had devastated his leg and he was in intense pain and the wounds were itching terribly. On of our girls on the team asked if she could pray for him telling him that there are no spider bites and intense pain in Heaven. As she prayed, the pain and itching left the wounds immediately! The man was excited and the team continued to minister to him encouraging him with prophetic words.

Meanwhile, a couple was in the park watching this exchange from a distance. The young lady in the couple walked up to the team and asked for prayer. As we found out, she had just been released from the hospital after being diagnosed with cancer in her abdomen. There were two visible tumors at the top of her hip, both about the size of golf balls. She had gone to the doctor because she could feel the masses as she walked and they caused her discomfort. The team, freshly instructed on bringing the Kingdom of God told them woman that there is no cancer and no tumors in Heaven. If Heaven came to her body, she would be healed!

One of the girls on our team prayed and within a few seconds, the first tumor completely disappeared! We all were excited and the lady we were praying for began weeping and rejoicing. You should have seen her face! Her husband was standing right there, in awe of what God was doing. We didn't didn’t stop praying, but continued to pray for the other tumor to be destroyed. Within a minute it had shrunk to the size of a marble, another few minutes to the size of a pea and just a couple of minutes later, it had completely dissolved! We all went nuts! Everyone was rejoicing and praising God right there in the park as the presence of God overshadowed the whole group! The lady fell out under the power of God and we were able to prophesy to the couple about their destiny in God.

All in all, a good start, don’t you think?

PS – If you want to come, you can be a part:

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