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UMT Intensive Report – Week 4

WOW. We had a total blowout last week at the games. By the end of the night we had 61 kids give their lives to Jesus very publicly, on their knees. We had about 50 healings and miracles that took place, ranging from the healing of broken bones to torn ligaments, injuries of every kind, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, etc. One of out teams got thrown out of the game by the principal. Why? There were too many kids receiving ministry and not enough kids actually watching the game!

Come on Jesus.

We’ve been meeting up at the church and heading off to several local games. This last weekend we went to three different games. All of them had a different “flavor”, if you will. At one of the games there was a healing blowout, at another one there was a prophecy blowout and at the other game, a salvation blowout. Figure that.

At one of the games we had about 10-12 of our folks there. They reported that there was hardly anyone visibly sick at the game, everyone looked healthy. See, we instruct our guys that when they go out to look for anyone visibly ill. That means that if you have a cast, cane, crutch, brace or even a good limp, we’ll approach you and see if we can pray for you! That approach is in line with Luke 10 and the instructions that Jesus gave to His disciples:

And into whatever city you enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you. And heal the sick that are in it, and say to them, The kingdom of God has come near you! Luke 10:8,9

So, they were looking for the sick and not finding them. The next weapon in our arsenal is the prophetic gifts. So the young folks in our group waded into the fray and started prophesying over everyone they met! The accuracy that the Lord was giving the team was startling and several of the kids began to break down and weep under the anointing. In less than 2 hours, 25 kids gave their lives to Jesus as the secrets of their hearts were revealed!

Now we say there was hardly anyone sick there, but the kids that were, got healed! I walked up to one kid with his arm on a sling and asked him what happened. He had just destroyed his arm and had pins and screws put in it. I asked him, “Are you in pain?” He responded that he wasn’t. I was a bit puzzled and asked again, “No pain? Are you sure?” “Yeah man, I am feeling, NO PAIN!” So I told him, “Well, if you were in pain, I would pray for God to heal you.” He and his girlfriend with him looked surprised and said, “Two other people have already prayed for me tonight… And it worked!” I feigned surprise. The girlfriend chimed in and said. “I was there, I saw it. They prayed for him and it worked!” I was like, “Really??!” They were incredulous, trying to convince me, “I tell you no lie, they prayed and it worked!” Funny. That was two of our teams that had prayed for him and got him healed. He had NO pain and 100% mobility, although his arm was in a hard cast.

At another school that we had teams in, the “theme” of the night wasn’t the prophetic, although it was in operation, it wasn’t healing, although it was happening, it was simple boldness to declare the Gospel of the Kingdom to people and their response with salvation. As our team preached the Gospel, with boldness, more than 2 dozen kids responded (conservatively) by giving their lives to Jesus! 25 kids at one school, giving their lives to the Lord on their knees as a public declaration of repentance and service to Jesus!

Lastly, at one of the schools there was a complete and total healing EXPLOSION! My brother Jordan was there at witnessed the whole thing, here is his testimony:


By Jordan Lawson

We were at the game, nothing much was really going on, so we found a group of kids and just started talking to them about the kingdom of God and the healing of the sick, and as we were preaching to them, they started mocking us. One of them said "If we bring our friend over here, can you guys heal him? His leg is broken" I told them that of course God will heal them, because there are no broken legs in heaven. So one of them went and got their friend. When he showed up, I noticed that it was the same guy in the wheelchair that one of our groups had prayed for earlier! When he showed up, 30+ people gathered to witness the healing. So we preached the Gospel to the guy in the wheelchair and told him that Jesus is King over broken and sprained ankles and that God wanted to heal him today. So we got down on our knees, laid our hands on his ankle and called down the Fire of God and commanded healing into his leg.

While we were praying, we could hear the crowd around us mocking what we were doing. We persisted, declaring the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and commanding healing for his leg. Right when we finished praying, I told him to get up out of his wheelchair and do something that he wasn't able to do before we prayed. Right when he stood up, he had the "Deer in the headlights" look on his face. He looked at me and said "Oh my God!! I can stand up! It feels totally normal!" When he had said that and when the crowd witnessed him standing up out of his wheelchair, they erupted in applause instead of mocking! They were all freaking out, and even some of them started praising God! At this point, it TOTALLY broke out! Then 60 + people started pressing in on us, saying "Can you pray for me? Can you heal me? I have this problem and that problem".

It was INSANE! There were kids all around us asking us to pray for their healing from every kind of disease and injury. The guy who was in the wheelchair stood up and started walking and got his mom who was working in one of the concession stands to tell her what had happened. After he started walking, healing broke out among the crowd. There were kids getting INSTANTLY healed of broken fingers, broken wrists, broken arms and knees, and injuries and illnesses of all different kinds including tendinitis, colds, strep throats, and etc. They were ALL getting healed INSTANTLY! This one guy who had a cast on his forearm/hand came up to me and said "I broke my wrist the other day, can you heal it?" We prayed for the guy, and seriously, not 10 seconds later he started moving his wrist with the deer in the headlights look on his face. He was bewildered! He said, "I can move this hand just like the other one! There's absolutely no pain! I can't believe this, this is incredible!" I then told him to take off his cast, and he took it off and threw it towards me! It was absolutely amazing!

While all this was happening, wheelchair guy broke through the crowd and came back to me with his mom with him this time. His mom looked rather puzzled and asked, "What did you do to him?! What happened to him? How can his pain be totally gone?" She didn't seem to believe what had happened to her son at first. Her son replied to her saying, "They prayed for me mom! They healed me!" We then replied to that saying, "Jesus healed him of his injury. He doesn't need his wheelchair anymore."

And just in case any of you don't know, we've started a collection of casts, canes, crutches, wheelchairs, slings, eye patches to have at our church to show off for the Glory of God. So, knowing that we're "trying" to collect these items, I tried to get the wheelchair from him. I asked him at first after he got healed, "May we have your wheelchair to show off for the Glory of God?" and at first he declined. Then I told him that we would purchase it from him if he decided to give it to us. He wasn't totally declining anymore, but he was still leaning more towards a "no" answer rather than a "yes". So to continue on with the story, his mom is there, amazed that her son is healed but still not able to figure out that the Lord had actually healed him. Then she witnessed us heal 3 more people of a broken finger, broken wrist, and a person with bad knee problems and she started praising God for what she had seen! I asked her if we could purchase the wheelchair from her since she was the rightful owner of it. She said "Just take it!"

The crowd was growing, and growing in numbers. The “press” got to the point to where I and the two ladies who were with me were all separately praying for groups of sick people! It was astounding! This continued for about 2 hours or so. After it was all said and done, the principal of the school came out and asked me what had been going on. I told her the truth that we were healing the sick and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She then said that she didn't want us doing that and had us escorted off of the property by a police guard.

Jesus is King! Praise you Jesus!


Jesus is King! Even on Public High School Campuses!

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" Persecution is strong. Already, the police have been asked to break up the meetings. It is God and the devil. A battle royal. The Holy Spirit is taking the lead, setting aside all human leadership largely. The human instruments are largely lost sight of.The meetings are crowded out. There is great excitement among the unspiritual and the unsaved. " Aug.1, 1906, Frank Bartleman ~Azusa Street