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Update On Edouard

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Here is a quick update on Pastor Edouard in the Congo. Edouard, as you may remember is the pastor that we ministered with in the Congo a in March, whose baby got sick and died as we were in his village preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.

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In Memory of John Wesley

The update was written by my friend David Dixon.




Edouard Update


It has been a while since I sent out word about what is happening in the
Congo. Many of you have asked "what is happening with Edouard?" By some standards people might say that his situation is rough, others would say he is doing awesome. Me? I say that the times and trials that he and his church are going through are rough, but he is handling it beautifully.

A month or so ago, I called Edouard to see how he was doing. I learned that his wife, who if you haven't been keeping track has been trying to kill him since the death of their son John Wesley, was pregnant. And the baby is Edouard’s. Since that time she has given birth to a baby girl. Edouard has not been able to see the child because of the repeated attempts on his life. Though he has sent many invitations to his wife to come home and all will be forgiven, she has repeatedly refused and threatened his life over and over again. Edouard asks that we pray for the health and safety of his baby girl.

Despite the problems, persecution, assassination attempts, and arrests, Edouard is raising up a church that is continually preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom with power. Just last week a pastor from the Northern Region of Congo came to visit
Brazzaville, where Edouard lives, and asked to speak in Edouard's church. This Pastor is much older and has been with their denomination for a long time. He brought with him another Congolese man who calls himself an apostle. They thought that they could help Edouard by giving him advice on how to pastor and grow his church. They preached for three days in Edouard's church during a "revival service". They came in thinking they could help but left shocked and stirred by what they saw in Edouard's church. They spent much of their time praying for the sick with very little results so Edouard called up a young man to help them pray. When the young man prayed people were instantly healed. The visiting pastors said "who is this young boy?" "He is the 10 year old son of one of our members." The visitors were astonished and became even more astonished when Edouard asked many of his congregation to come up and help pray for the sick after the services. Many people were healed instantly by normal members of the congregation. When the visiting pastors were alone with Edouard they asked how this could happen in his church. They left very happy and stirred up, asking Edouard for his help in teaching their people back in the northern region.

Through it all Edouard has stood strong and as we had hoped, his vision has grown not only to build his church and train them to preach the Gospel with power, but to train others outside his church. Many pastors that are seeing the fruit in his life are asking him for help. His vision now is to raise up an apostolic center where people can be trained and sent out to neighboring villages and bring the Gospel of the King and His Kingdom. Please pray for him as he continues to preach the Gospel in a country that so desperately needs it. Edouard was once a full time teacher but now since the growth of his church he has had to spend more time preaching the gospel and teaching the people. Our prayers and support will allow him to do this even more effectively.


You can support Edouard and the work in the Congo by going here:

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Nikolaj said...

Great to hear from him again.

Great news on the growth, sad about the persecution and the wife. But Jesus said He would divide families.

I'm praying.